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I need a stump guy

A few days ago I wrote up a few things regarding my business on an entrepreneur blog. I wanted to share with anyone who has thought about entering this business. I started a stump grinding business 3 years ago born from me moonlighting in the tree service. You guys even helped me name it Stump Shark. Before I get into it I want to mention I am extremely fortunate to have a full time job as a firefighter that allows me to work at the business more than the average 40 hour a week

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Nearby Stump Removal Services in Your Area

A few days ago I wrote up a few things regarding my business on an entrepreneur blog. I wanted to share with anyone who has thought about entering this business. I started a stump grinding business 3 years ago born from me moonlighting in the tree service. You guys even helped me name it Stump Shark. Before I get into it I want to mention I am extremely fortunate to have a full time job as a firefighter that allows me to work at the business more than the average 40 hour a week But with that being said, this business could be run by someone wanting extra money working on Saturday and Sundays.

Back in working part time for a tree guy, I noticed the need for stump grinding in my area. It was the perfect business for me, the startup cost was minimal compared to other business and I could run it part time keeping it simple as owner operated. Also unlike other businesses, I could pause and start whenever I wanted, and at the time I was only looking for an extra 1, a month or so. First and foremost I wanted to do it.

By that I mean I always had the entrepreneurial spirit and truly wanted to run my own business. I knew it would take hustle, I knew there would be bad days, and I knew there would be worse days.

I could have kept working for the tree guy for side cash, but what I really wanted to do was stake my own claim and start a business. I had operated a stump grinder before and have done tree work. I knew what the average stump costs and what it took to grind it. It wasn't rocket science, but it was easier for me to start this business being in the tree business vs say a paving business or something else that would require me learning additional skills.

I also had some sales experience and knew what that aspect of the business would take. Early on no one knows who you are. You have to let family, friends, neighbors everyone that will lend an ear that you just started a business. Early on those were the people feeding me jobs.

Adding to that I hustled. I talked to other pro's in the area. Landscapers, other tree pro's, general contractors, paving companies. I let as many people know I was in business and that I could be a strategic partner for them. When I found out one of the larger tree guys in my area didn't offer stump grinding I made it a point it meet him in person and pretty much ask him for an audition.

It worked and he for the rest of that year fed me a quarter of my business. I want to emphasize on the hustle as it was so important early on. I was even cold calling some people which anyone who has done it before knows how dejecting it can be. I would be grinding at a job, notice the neighbor has a stump and would knock on their door. I hated doing it, but I forced myself to because I knew it would help me grow. If you cant see yourself doing this, rethink entering into a business because growth will become a challenge.

Okay I don't know what amazon's policy of customer service is, but I know from personal experience that they treat the customer like gold, and they stand by their products. So that is what I did. I gave my work the white glove touch. I stood by my work, occasionally when you grind a stump you may miss a piece or leave an area high.

If I found out that happened I came right back out and made it right. If I underbid a job, I stuck by my estimate and did the job for the quoted price. Early on I would even help people to get a better price. On a few occasions I bid large jobs that would be hard on my machine, but encouraged people to get other estimates telling them someone with a more powerful machine can do it better.

Sure I could have "sold" them, but I knew if they found out they paid s more for a job, they may badmouth my service in the future. I treated every single customer like gold and it has paid off 10 fold in referrals. When I started, I fully bootstrapped the business. I spent on a used gas powered grinder with a trailer and on a used pick up truck.

Plus another or so on tools and I was in business. It was pretty much as little as you could spend to enter the space. I made money my few months, but recognized early on that I could make some purchases that would save me time which saves money.

I purchased the 2nd most powerful chainsaw on the market which ran me 1, bucks, but it allowed me to cut down massive stumps making my grind time quicker. I purchased a commercial leaf blower that allowed me to clean up min quicker. These purchases allowed me to take on more jobs per day which made me more money. There was stuff I wanted to make my life easier, but in the beginning I would only purchase stuff for the business that would increase my bottom line.

I spent countless hours staring into the abyss thinking of ways to retool the business. I constantly researched upgraded machines, new ways of operating, and new advertising techniques. I was a regular in the forums and talked to other professionals in the space. I set forth goals each year and smaller goals each month.

I tested many advertising avenues and expanded the ones that worked. For me, I stumbled upon text message bidding and craigslist ads. People loved it, in the ad I explained that they text me a picture and I text back an estimate. It is a little challenging sometimes and 1 out of 10 I underestimate a job. But even if that happens time countless hours saved not driving to bid jobs far out weighs a biding error.

I made sure to update the ads and renew them as soon as I was able to. I always ask how a person hears about me. I need to know what marketing is working and what ones need help. In doing so one day, a customer told me he chose me because of my positive reviews. I made it a point from that point on to make sure I had more 5 start reviews than anyone else in my area.

Also I found what people liked about me and made sure I kept doing it. I found that people love how responsive I was and easy to deal with. People loved that I actually answer the phone when they call and was punctual. I made it a point to keep doing these things. A few months ago I set out to improve this aspect of my business. At the time I was doing a lot of business, but I wanted more so I set my sight on improving my web presence. I have no idea what I am doing and still don't as you can see by my website TheStumpShark.

This has been paying off big time the past month or two resulting in a boatload of leads. That became my motto on the bad days. There will be bad days. Hell I broke down on my very first paying job. I hadn't made a penny yet and I was shelling out what I had hopped to make that month.

I could have quit that day but I said to myself if it was easy everyone would do it. Let the bad days remind you that if every day was great, everyone would try to do the business you do. It's the hard sifts out the hacks from the people whiling to put in the hard work and effort to make a business successful. From the first job break down, I learned tip 9 - If it was easy everyone would do it. From the job my rake broke and I had to leave the job and run to home depot I learned to carry a spare of vital pieces to my business.

Even on the days where you have the worst luck, try to find the lesson in it. Let me tell you a story to explain. Early this year I had a godawful week. During a routine oil changed I discovered that the motor on my machine was in the process of a catastrophic failure.

In the meantime with work piling up, I rented a grinder. I got it to the first job and it too broke down. Not a huge deal, didn't cost me money but it cost me a day of operation. While towing it back, my truck broke down on the highway. So if your keeping score, my grinder broke, rented grinder broke, and now my truck was broke. I felt pretty defeated that day. I shook my head when I got home and started the shower so I could wash off the stench of defeat.

Standing in the water I chuckled as I attempted to hold my self accountable and see if I could learn a lesson from this. As I dunked my head in the cascading water asking could I possibly learn anything from this horrid day, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was in year 3 when "the day of the break downs happened," but after that shower I had a clear understanding of the lesson. I let this happen. I had an old grinder and truck that I was squeezing every penny out. I know the business works, I had proof of concept and the profits to go with it.

Because of this I purchased a new truck, trailer, and upgraded grinder.

Stump Grinding Fayetteville

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In the midst of a perfectly landscaped yard, a stump is an eyesore. The stump disrupts the natural beauty with its jarring reminder of the misfortunes of the tree it once was. Our techniques are specifically designed to grind away the problematic stump without disturbing the rest of your landscaping.

Our qualified Arborist will assess the tree and recommend the best solution. These include:. Crown Reducing and Shaping — the tree foliage at the top can be reduced to better shape the tree, introduce more light or remove heavy and dangerous limbs. Thinning — The tree foliage sometimes can become too thick and block light to your garden or adjacent buildings.

Stump Grinding Peachtree City

Seeing a stump can be jarring whenever looking at an otherwise well-manicured lawn. Using proper arboricultural practices, we will grind the stump down as much as a foot to ensure that the stump and its roots are dealt with appropriately. Turning the stump into mulch , there will be no further negative impact upon your pristine yard. When you choose tree-guy, the only trace of our presence will be the missing obtrusive stump. In addition to your own displeasure, many neighborhoods in Fayetteville, Georgia, have regulations regarding stumps. Whether by its roots or the off shoots of life which could live off the stump, nutrients can be continually sucked from your soil. Removing the stump through grinding can prevent the stump from leeching the nutrients away from your thriving plants. Turning the stump into mulch will be much more productive for your yard as well as returning the soil to the beneficial plants. Since the life of the tree is done, there are many forms of rot and pests which can overtake the stump.

Tree Care Solutions

I listed an ad for my stump to be removed and this guy was the best! He was the first to reply, also very professional and on time. I highly recommend the stump guy to anyone without any hesitation, thanks. Sorry for some reason I can't download pictures! Steve responded to my e-mail request within 24 hours with a quote and contact number.

It depends on the access. It must remain connected to a truck, and therefore is limited to areas that can be driven to.

My name is Jason Hyatt and I have a yard friendly machine that is powerful enough to grind almost any stump. I can take the mulch or leave it depending on how much you want me to do. I always clean up and leave the yard neat even if you choose to keep the mulch. I also keep a Stihl MS chainsaw with me incase I need to cut down any size stump and an Echo PBT leaf blower to help clean-up and to clear the mulch from the stump to make sure its all gone.

The Stump Guy LLC

Stump the Duct Tape Guys. The Duct Tape Guys are on a roll. Their six Duct Tape books and many calendars have sold over two million copies, a testament to the universal appeal of duct tape.

FREE estimate click here. My name is Scott Brice and I am an owner operator. You have a lot of tree service companies to choose from on the internet today, so I do appreciate you taking the time to visit my web site. We are located in Colorado and provide tree removal, tree trimming, and tree stump grinding service in Denver and the surrounding areas. My goal is to make sure we provide you the best customer service possible.

The Stump Man

The stump removal process many times come after chopping down a tree. The removal of stumps can be done as a do-it-yourself project, but professionals are experienced and can safely perform the task much faster. Stump removal services near you offer professionals to remove tree stumps for a fee. It's standard procedure to uproot the tree stump during the removal task. The stump can be chipped down to smaller pieces in case it's too broad. The total cost of eliminating a tree stump depends on the size of the tree, the location of the tree remains and other factors. Cost considerations:.

How much room do you need? In order to get the equipment to the stump the minimum is a 36” gate to get through. 4. Can I plant a tree.

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Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary, Or Is It Better To Grind A Stump?

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