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Liberian girl You came and you changed my world A love so brand new Liberian girl You came and you changed me girl A feeling so true. Liberian girl You know that you came And you changed my world Just like in the movies With two lovers in a scene And she says: "Do you love me? Liberian girl More precious than any pearl Your love so complete Liberian girl You kiss me then Ooh, the world You do this to me. Liberian girl You know that you came And you changed my world I wait for the day When you have to say "I do" And I'll smile and say it too And forever will be true I love you Liberian girl.

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Babyface: Madonna told Michael Jackson to dress like a girl for video

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Michael Jackson , the greatest pop artist that ever lived, has a career that spans more than 40 of his 50 years. The de facto star of Motown's boundary-breaking Jackson 5, the sensitive solo singer behind Seventies hits, the vanguard of the MTV era and the timeless voice behind some of the only multi-million-selling Nineties records you could safely call "slept-on.

Backed by Motown house band the Funk Brothers, Michael pushes himself to the top of his range, ripping into every word of Robinson's heartbroken lyrics. A "Dangerous"-era outtake, this was revived as the title track of Jackson's remix album. The ominously slinking song has a fittingly creepy origin story. Teddy Riley had blown off a party to work on it — and someone had been shot on the party's dance floor.

He hadn't mentioned the tragedy to Jackson and was shocked when the singer suggested "Blood on the Dance Floor" as a title. Jackson sings about a stalker with a seven-inch knife — another in his line of femmes fatales for whom sex and murder are one and the same.

Even by Jackson's wildly ambitious standards, the theme song for the movie Free Willy , and the eighth single from Dangerous , was one of his most grandiose recordings.

It's a gospel song that continues a theme of his career: from "I'll Be There" to "Got to Be There" to "Will You Be There," summing up a journey from boundless confidence to fear and solitude. Writing the steamiest, most unambiguously sexual song he'd ever sung, and calling it "In the Closet"?

Early-Nineties Michael Jackson was a master of mixed signals. The biggest victory of the Jacksons' lackluster Victory era was "State of Shock," a Number Three-charting duet between Jackson and Mick Jagger, fluidly working a middle ground between guitar rock and pop. The song was originally intended to be a collaboration with Queen's Freddie Mercury but fell into Jagger's hands due to scheduling difficulties.

By then, everyone knew how good Michael was. If Michael Jackson says warm up, you warm up — even if you are Mick Jagger. Jackson had reached a breaking point after being accused of sexual molestation.

The result was "Scream," one of his most confrontational songs, and his first ever to use the word "fuck. But while it was a hard period for Jackson, it wasn't all bad times. I'm closest to Janet of all the family members. We were very emotional on the set. The Jackson 5's star had dimmed a bit by It had been three years since their last Top 10 hit. With the help of the spectacular "robot" dance Michael performed when the song debuted on Soul Train, "Dancing Machine" became a mammoth crossover hit and pointed in the direction the group would follow from then on.

As danceable pleas for universal understanding go, the opening track on Dangerous is shockingly tense and fragmented. The groove bears the signature sound of producer Teddy Riley, but Jackson came up with most of it. Jackson's voice takes its time creeping into the mix, and he stutters the chorus like his voice is being sliced to shreds; the most accessible moment of "Jam" is arguably the verse by Heavy D, Jackson's favorite rapper at the time.

In , a recording of Michael Jackson reading the tax code would probably have charted. Keenly aware of this, Motown released an album of unused MJ material. The Farewell My Summer Love album was nine songs from , overdubbed with new, Eighties-sounding instrumentation.

Fittingly for a song about adolescent sadness, Michael's performance is a snapshot of his voice just as it was changing; there are even some hints of his mature power.

And I want them to be every race, creed and color. The choir was triple-tracked, creating a triumphal disco entreaty that, according to Tito, defines the Jacksons. After the Jacksons' Goin' Places tanked commercially, it took Michael Jackson to help rescue the band — but not the one you think. Of course he didn't stand a chance against the Jackson disco inferno, but harbors no hard feelings.

Did Michael sleep in a hyperbaric chamber? Did he pay a million dollars to buy the Elephant Man's bones? Did he have weird pets? Queen's Freddie Mercury once called his manager saying, "You've got to get me out of here, I'm recording with a llama. The funky, horn-infused pop number was composed by the Corporation and, in addition to Michael's soaring verses, it features a chanted soul-rap from his brothers about their hometown of Gary, capped off by a helium-voiced " yeeaah " from Michael.

Years later, he wrote in Moonwalk , "Our records had become hits all over the world since we'd seen our hometown last. Jackson later recalled that he and McCartney "shared the same idea of how a pop song should work. Paul never had to carry me in that studio. Jackson wrote with Lionel Richie for weeks and sang lines to his sister, Janet, in the dark; then he snuck into a recording studio by himself.

The first single released by "the Jacksons" — four of the iconic 5 and freshly promoted Randy — was their first outside of the Motown machine. Together with the Jacksons, they created this hard-driving, disco-leaning Top 10 single, but the sessions left another lasting impression on Michael. Quincy Jones says it was a leftover from a session by the funk group Brothers Johnson. One of the Brothers, bassist Louis "Thunder Thumbs" Johnson, says it came from a home-recorded cassette of bass ideas that he played to Michael.

Either way, the slap-happy collaboration is the hardest funking thing on Off the Wall. Even though Louis Johnson would play on three other Jackson albums, it was a high point he couldn't repeat. Motown songwriting team the Corporation had to tone down the lyrics for "Mama's Pearl," which was originally titled "Guess Who's Making Whoopie With Your Girlfriend ," so pre-pubescent Michael could sing it without raising parents' eyebrows.

Musically, the track comes off like the scrappy cousin of "I Want You Back," with its bouncing piano and bass-y "doo-doo-doo" backup vocals, but Michael sounds as cute as ever trying to persuade a girl to fall in love with him.

The track, which reached Number Two, remained special to Jackson decades later; in Moonwalk he wrote that it reminded him of his schoolyard days. Jermaine claimed he began taking pain medications for burns suffered during his Pepsi commercial: "I doubt he gave a second thought to Demerol's side effects," he recalled. Jackson's first single as a solo act found him already thinking outside the Jackson-family box.

Either way, he was convincing. The song was presented to Jackson in a demo with vocals from Marsha Ambrosius of the group Floetry, who was also one of the song's writers. Said Davis, "He had the loudest snaps in the world. One of the most bizarre Number One hits of the Seventies — a decade with practically nothing but bizarre Number One hits. And for most of the decade, it was Jackson's only Number One solo hit. In the movie, it's sung by the little misfit kid who befriends the titular rat.

Few fans had any clue about the pro-vermin subtext, but MJ liked the idea, according to lyricist Don Black most famous for his James Bond themes : "He's quite an animal-lover — very sensitive. He enjoys anything that crawls or flies. Jackson, who'd worked through a Saturday night memorizing the lyrics so he wouldn't have to read from a cheat sheet on a Sunday recording session, bounces his voice around a melody designed for his percussive vocal style.

Billy Idol guitarist steve Stevens helped Jackson toughen his sound and his wardrobe — after Stevens introduced the pop star to his tailor, he adopted the leather-bound heavy-metal look on the cover of Bad.

But Stevens' greatest contribution to the record is the spiraling metal solo in the steamy power ballad "Dirty Diana. The hard-edged track became Bad 's fifth consecutive Number One single and a favorite of a famous real-life Diana — Princess Diana — who reportedly requested the song at a Jackson concert in London.

Jackson called this Paul McCartney duet the "obvious first single" from Thriller. But Quincy Jones has referred to it as a "red herring," since it only hinted at Thriller 's power. Jackson offered McCartney the song, which has an easy, jazzy groove and shows off a breezy rapport between Jackson and the ex-Beatle, as a duet to "repay the favor" of McCartney giving him "Girlfriend" for Off the Wall.

McCartney's one concern was the word "doggone," which he felt some listeners might consider "shallow. If this is the right tune, I can utilize what you have in your singing. Let me change that whole bottom and put a new floor in there. I guess we gotta use what we love. Said Riley, "We don't just add music or instruments just to be adding.

Written by Clifton Davis, who would perform it at Jackson's funeral in , "Never" set heartbroken lyrics to a sparkling melody. Davis was worried that year-old Michael might not understand the pain in the lyrics. I explained it. He shrugged his shoulders and just sang the line 'There's that anguish and there's that doubt. Gordy" complained. How could they? He didn't even say the word 'funky,' he said 'smelly. Temperton, who arranged the rhythm and vocal tracks, re-created the dance-floor vibe of his disco band Heatwave, and the song's growling funk synths were partly played by jazz and fusion keyboardist George Duke.

The song was also strangely prophetic: In the decades after its release, the world saw how truly off the wall Jackson's life could become. The epic video for the title track of Jackson's bestselling album has become so iconic that it's easy to underestimate the song itself, one of the strangest pieces of music he ever released.

The track took the percolating-funk feel of Off the Wall to a grander, more theatrical level, with its supernatural sound effects — howling werewolves and creaking coffins — and the creepy-crawly narration of actor Vincent Price, a friend of Jones' then-wife, Peggy Lipton, who nailed his part in two takes. The weirdness of "Thriller" didn't end there: While the song was being mixed, Jackson's eight-foot-long boa constrictor, Muscles, slithered across the console. The last of a mind-boggling seven singles from Thriller , it hit Number Four on the charts.

Planet Earth was pretty into them as well. The third consecutive Number One single from Bad is the last unambiguously buoyant hit of Jackson's miraculous Eighties. Jackson recorded all the vocal parts, including the backing vocals, dancing around a darkened studio to the track.

Recalled engineer Bruce Swedien, "He'd sing his line, then he'd disappear into the darkness. Quincy Jones had planned to record the song with Frank Sinatra, but Jackson got a shot instead and dug deep for a stunning version.

Famously, Jackson's mighty voice cracks and wavers on the song's last few words. So we left it in. Full of funky keyboard squiggles and playful slang like "tenderoni," "P. Ingram has said that he was astonished by how Jackson actually danced in the studio as he was singing the song.

That energy comes through, as Jackson trades off "na-na-na's" with a few pretty-young-thing backup singers he knew quite well: sisters Janet and La Toya.

Artists ranging from American Idol singer Justin Guarini to Jones himself — with T-Pain and Robin Thicke — have covered the song, and the 25th-anniversary edition of Thriller featured a completely refigured version of the song by Will. And the recurring "Stop!

Michael Jackson I Need You Lyrics

Michael Jackson , the greatest pop artist that ever lived, has a career that spans more than 40 of his 50 years. The de facto star of Motown's boundary-breaking Jackson 5, the sensitive solo singer behind Seventies hits, the vanguard of the MTV era and the timeless voice behind some of the only multi-million-selling Nineties records you could safely call "slept-on. Backed by Motown house band the Funk Brothers, Michael pushes himself to the top of his range, ripping into every word of Robinson's heartbroken lyrics. A "Dangerous"-era outtake, this was revived as the title track of Jackson's remix album.

He was a real funky street dude, know what I mean? Michael Lovesmith , former fellow Motown recording artist.

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By Carlos Greer. Madonna ended up not appearing on the song, and Naomi Campbell was cast in the video. Read Next. Tommy Chong working to get free medical marijuana for thos This story has been shared 64, times. This story has been shared 36, times. This story has been shared 24, times. This story has been shared 21, times. Would you like to receive desktop browser notifications about breaking news and other major stories?

Liberian Girl

Jackson would go on to release the track as a solo record. Its video saw him cavorting with Naomi Campbell in the desert. Michelle Obama, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson are among the stars to have dropped in to the battles to cheer them on. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

Watch the episode. In the short film, Michael sings of heartbreak over a lover, while the woman he sings about changes costumes and identities for her work as a high-class call girl.

The shock of his death led Shana, now 48, to be diagnosed with PTSD - and she says even 10 years on she still lives with regret at not reaching out to him sooner. I'd gone to the mall to find an outfit to wear. Shana first met Jackson aged 17 after one of his shows, but said she didn't develop a "love connection" until she began working as a receptionist at his management company in Hollywood in her 20s. After months of flirting, the couple shared a passionate kiss - but Shana was left heartbroken when Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley in

Liberian Girl Lyrics - Michael Jackson

The song was written as early as and was among those considered for The Jacksons ' Victory album. It was reworked and rewritten for Bad. The song was released as a single in Europe and Australia.

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Michael Jackson didn’t want to ‘dress like a girl’

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Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl. 15, - Uploaded by xmjkingofpopx.

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