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Male partner preferences

Thirty years ago, the group of Baulieu and colleagues discovered that certain steroid hormones were present in higher amounts in the brain than in the plasma, and also found that suppression of circulating steroids by adrenalectomy and castration did not affect the concentration of pregnenolone, dehydroepiandrosterone and their sulfate esters in the rat brain. These seminal observations led to the concept that the brain, in very much the same way as the adrenal cortex, testis, ovary and placenta, was capable of synthesizing steroids. These brain born steroids, called neurosteroids, have been found to exert a vast array of biological activities. A number of steroidogenic enzymes have now been identified in the central nervous system by immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization, and the neuronal and hormonal mechanisms regulating the biosynthesis of neurosteroids have been partially elucidated.

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Mating preferences

Login via Institution. Strong pair-bonding is typical for canids. In wolf packs consisting of several adult males and females, sexual interests may clash during the mating season. We expect that not only dominance-subordinance relationships but also partner preferences play a prominent role in the establishment of pair bonds in wolves. The objective of our study is to disentangle male and female components in the establishment of sexual relationships, and, in particular, the influence of partner preferences.

A first-approach model suggests that males will attempt to maximize the number of fertilizations, whereas females will be selective in partner choice. We therefore determined behavioural measures of partner preference for each sex; namely 'Following sexually' in males and 'Presenting actively' in females.

Matings corresponded more to the male than the female preferences. Males initiated courtship, whereas females influenced pair-bonding more by proceptive behaviour and by the rejection of male courtship. Whereas the dominant males focused more on one preferred female at a time, and might eventually switch and direct their preference to another female, the dominant females, and particularly the alpha female, spread their sexual interests over several males and associate with more than one male at a time.

The ultimate reason for this might be that, in this way, a female promotes care-giving towards herself and her offspring by creating a 'paternity illusion' in those males. Authors: Ruud R. Derix 1 and Jan A. Van Hooff 2. Article price:. Add to Cart. Rent on DeepDyve. Get Permissions. Abstract Strong pair-bonding is typical for canids. Sections Abstract. Content Metrics. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement Accessibility. Powered by: PubFactory.

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Sex differences among partner preferences: Are the sexes really very similar?

Research shows unsuspected speed of progress toward gender equality in mating preferences. Brains over beauty? But we all know that guys are hardwired for pretty faces and shapely bodies when it comes to choosing a mate, right? Not so fast.

Login via Institution. Strong pair-bonding is typical for canids. In wolf packs consisting of several adult males and females, sexual interests may clash during the mating season.

Their relationship blossomed, but doubts crept up on both of them now and again. Josh was the primary caregiver for a child from a previous marriage, and his financial prospects were dim. Josh, meanwhile, had been dreaming of a cashed-up woman with high ambitions, status and education, ideally with a PhD or two. Currently, the desire for a young, attractive partner of the opposite sex tends to be more prevalent in men than in women. Women, meanwhile, are more likely to prioritize money and status over youth and beauty.

The Pill May Alter Sex Partner Preferences

Metrics details. It is often suggested that mate choice enhances offspring immune resistance to infectious diseases. To test this hypothesis, we conducted a study with wild-derived house mice Mus musculus musculus in which females were experimentally mated either with their preferred or non-preferred male, and their offspring were infected with a mouse pathogen, Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium. We found that offspring sired by preferred males were significantly more likely to survive the experimental infection compared to those sired by non-preferred males. We found no significant differences in the pathogen clearance or infection dynamics between the infected mice, suggesting that offspring from preferred males were better able to cope with infection and had improved tolerance rather than immune resistance. Our results provide the first direct experimental evidence within a single study that partner preferences enhance offspring resistance to infectious diseases. Mating preferences are widespread and can function to confer indirect, genetic benefits for offspring [ 1 — 3 ]. Direct evidence for genetic benefits from mate choice come from studies that compare the fitness of offspring from females experimentally mated with preferred P versus non-preferred NP males experimental sexual selection [ 4 — 6 ].

This is what dating could look like 100 years in the future

In the studies described in this paper, two groups of participants completed a variety of different questionnaire schedules indicating their preferences for a partner. In study 1, single students demonstrated a prevailing desire for a kind, considerate, and honest partner who displayed a keen sense of humor. Consistent with the hypothesis, there were no clear sex differences evident in these results. In study 2, 76 dating agency members completed a similar schedule examining partner preferences.

Mate preferences in humans refers to why one human chooses or chooses not to mate with another human and their reasoning why see: Evolutionary Psychology, mating.

An important current debate concerns the originof gender differences in partner preferences. Thesedifferences have been explained both in terms ofevolutionary theory and in terms of social role theory. The present study determines the relativestrengths of both perspectives by investigating, apartfrom gender, the influence of three other importantfactors on partner preferences and for which the two approaches offer divergent hypotheses: age,political orientation and level of education of therespondent.

Partner Preferences as a Function of Gender, Age, Political Orientation and Level of Education

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The Pill and other contraceptive methods that alter a woman's natural hormonal cycles may also alter their choice of partners and possibly their reproductive success, according to a new review of studies on the issue published in the October issue of the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution. Even men's choices may be affected. Women are only fertile for a brief period during their menstrual cycle, just prior to ovulation. Many scientific studies have established that partner preferences of both women and men vary significantly according to predictable hormonal fluctuations associated with the natural menstrual cycle. Ovulation is associated with a profound shift in some female physical characteristics, behaviors and perceptions related to mate attraction.

Brains Over Beauty? Modern Mating Preferences of Males Investigated

Your first sexual partner may have more to tell you about your spouse or current lover than you may think. Although this may sound surprising to you, studies have shown early experiences play a role in who we choose as a sexual partner. It is a warm summer Saturday night in the city. As the music plays in the background while your gaze meanders across the bar, you spot the most beautiful and sexy person you have ever seen. Close your eyes for a few seconds and think: How do they look? Most of us have a type or sort of when it comes to a sexual partner. Scientists have shown repeatedly that several factors influence our ideal mate. I work in the the lab of James G.

long-term mating; and that sexual desire for men other than women's regular partners will peak. The empirical evidence for these ovulatory mate preference.

Neurobiology of Mental Illness. Dennis S. Charney , Joseph D. Our understanding of the neurobiological basis of psychiatric disease has accelerated in the past five years.

Female partner preferences enhance offspring ability to survive an infection

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