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How did South Korea, a country which at one point heavily censored music, suddenly become an extraordinary pop culture exporter? The South Korean government plays a vital role in exporting this soft power. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has continuously sponsored promotional initiatives to promote Korean culture since the late s. Together with the embassies and consulates, K-pop stars are invited to perform at concerts overseas.

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The 10 Most Popular K-Pop Artists and Bands

With the rise of K-pop globally, more and more people are looking to become the next K-pop idol. Korean entertainment companies do a great job of recruiting to find the next top talent. Many go all around the world holding offline auditions. K-pop entertainment companies know it is smart to have at least one member in the group be a non-Korean which will help them expand into that particular market. In fact, Lisa is one of the most popular K-pop stars at the moment.

However, before one can become a K-pop Star, one must go through the growling training process that can last years. Jo Kwon from 2 AM had to train for 8 years before his debut. This can ultimately lead to being one of the top 30 richest K-pop Idols. The life of a trainee is hard as they live, train, and perform with other trainees at a very young age. For those looking to become the next K-pop idol, we at Seoulz talked to many experts in the K-pop industry from producers, past idols, and staffers to come up with 10 tips on how to be a K-pop star.

Remember to become a K-pop star you need to have 2 out of 3 factors. Be a good singer or rapper, be a good dancer, and be attractive. It is a must to at least have 2 out of the 3. You can audition as early as 12 years old. Therefore it is recommended to get a full two years of experience in dancing and voice training before auditioning. That means at the earliest you should be training at age If you are under 14, a legal guardian will need to accompany you for your audition.

The average age of those that audition is 18 years old ranges from years old. Still, this means you should start training at age 16 at the latest. We recommend focusing on dancing as most interested in entering K-pop can sing or rap.

Your focus should be on hip hop and urban dancing. For those that do not have the funds to take dancing lessons, there are hundreds of dance tutorials online that can help you.

Commit to at least 30 hrs a week on becoming a more versatile dancer. One producer said that they would take a great dancer over a great singer any day. In Kpop performance on stage is very important. It is very common for the songs to be pre-recorded so the group can focus on the choreography of their live performance.

In addition, if you are a good dancer, you will be featured more on the teaser videos. There are many rappers, dancers, and visuals that have found great success as a K-pop star. It is not a requirement to speak Korean. In fact, many K-pop entertainment companies allow all ethnicities and races to audition.

This is because they want a representative from a particular country because that expands their audience base. Countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and of course China are places many K-pop entertainment companies are eager to enter. However, you should still know some level of Korean. Furthermore, you will be living in Korea during your training and it is a good idea to know some Korean in case you want to travel around Seoul.

In addition, Koreans like when foreigners make an effort to learn the Korean language. Try to learn the basic phrases in the beginning and while you train in Korean you will quickly be able to pick up the Korean language. You will be performing many Korean songs and be surrounded by many Korean trainees.

Therefore preparing by studying Korean beforehand will be very helpful. There are many Korean educational apps you can use to make this process easier. All will have to go on Korean variety shows and this is where personality goes a long way. A great way to work on your personality is to watch K-pop idol interviews and prepare yourself with the typical questions that might come your way. Think of it as storytelling and the more you tell it, the more feedback you will get to try and improve it.

Remember the life of a K-pop star is very short so it is important you are able to transition into other areas such as announcing or acting. Therefore as mentioned at 2 on this list, if you are a foreigner, learning the Korean language will give you more exposure on these Korean TV programs.

Koreans like hearing foreigners speak broken Korean, they consider it cute. In addition, Kpop stars will be pushed to sell Kpop merchandise and if you have a fun personality, it can bring a lot of value for the entertainment company, ultimately giving you more advertisement exposure.

This is crucial. Take a popular K-pop song and add your own arrangement and style to it. If you perform your own original song or an obscure song, most judges will tune you out from the start. While you are a trainee you will be asked to write and choreograph your own original music so keep that in mind. Most auditions will ask you to sing on an English song and one Korean song. It is always good to have one backup just in case. Most auditions will ask you to do a dance choreography. Again pick a popular song and choreograph your own dance routine.

This is where you can really show them your creativity, more so than with a song. Korean entertainment companies will screen your social media accounts to make sure you are not in scandalous situations. K-pop stars need to show good manners and behave properly. Especially after the recent Burning Sun scandal, it is important to keep a low profile on social media accounts. One mistake can be costly. Therefore it is better to be safe than sorry.

Hold off on social media for now and focus on training. This also means you need to stay out of trouble. No more partying at clubs and drinking alcohol with friends. Producers do their best to try and predict if a certain trainee could cause issues later on down the line. Some might say that there are teams looking at social media accounts to find that next star. This is not true. The fact is that talent scouts are just too busy to keep track of social media to find talent.

They are focused on live auditions and reviewing online submissions, therefore focus your attention on those. No matter if you are the best singer or dancer you need to be below a certain weight.

The magic number tends to be under 50 kg. In order to come in under this weight, it is recommended one eats below 2, calories per day. This is because of all the training you will be doing preparing for your auditions. This is the unfortunate side of the K-Pop industry, as your appearance is going to influence whether or not you become a trainee.

For those interested in the K-Pop Diet, here is a great article to read. They love seeing a blank canvas they can work with. Keep it simple and comfortable as you will be asked to dance. As far as makeup, it is important to have a minimalistic look. Remember once you become a trainee there will be a team of makeup artists and stylists who will transform you into a K-pop idol. You need to get yourself out there as much as possible.

Online auditions email auditions are easy to enter and we suggest you enter as many as possible. Live auditions open recruitment auditions might get costly, especially if you have to travel a long distance. However, if a live audition is nearby, go to it because if you are one of the top winners, you can become a trainee right away. We would recommend you check back every week as companies update their site regularly on the latest news regarding tryouts and auditions.

Since K-pop is becoming more and more global, global live auditions are happening all over the world. There used to be the top 3 but now it is the top 4.

Competition to be a trainee at these K-pop entertainment companies will be intense. Big Hit Entertainment focuses primarily on boy groups and is the toughest company to enter into. They give a lot of attention to one group and promote that one particular group. As with the case of BTS.

For all auditions, you will need to fill out an audition application kind of like a resume form a few days before the actual audition. On the day of the audition, you will be with a large group of people in a practice room.

Then they will bring out a list of names to let you know when you will enter another room to audition. The audition itself is different for every company but usually will require you to introduce yourself, perform songs, and 1 dance choreography. Judges will not give feedback for this audition, so if they like you will get a call back for a second-round audition or get a call back telling you what to improve on.

Round 2 consists of around people and each will be required to sing inside a recording studio to perform one song. Some K-Pop entertainment companies prefer group auditions. This means around a group of 10 people enter the audition room and from there they each choose to sing, rap, or dance. Based on this they will call back to request a second audition. Another method on how to be a K-pop star would be to audition for K-pop reality shows.

100 Best K-Pop Girl Groups

With the rise of K-pop globally, more and more people are looking to become the next K-pop idol. Korean entertainment companies do a great job of recruiting to find the next top talent. Many go all around the world holding offline auditions. K-pop entertainment companies know it is smart to have at least one member in the group be a non-Korean which will help them expand into that particular market. In fact, Lisa is one of the most popular K-pop stars at the moment.

Skip to content. Thousands of Korean children dream of becoming household names, often putting up with punishing schedules in the hope of one day making it big in the music industry. A recent survey of pre-teens showed that 21 percent of respondents wanted to be K-pop stars when they grow up, the most popular career choice.

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Itzy Open Up About Breaking The K-Pop Girl Group Mold, So We Have No Choice But To Stan

I Need A Girl Feat. G-Dragon Solar Girl, I need a girl mwolhaedo ippeun mommaedo ippeun Girl, I need a girl nan ireon yeojaga johdeora. Girl, I need a girl. Girl, I need a girl Girl, I need a girl. Girl, nae mameul deudgo ittni Baby I need you, Girl you need me too. Girl, I need a girl, pretty no matter what she does A pretty body, too Girl, I need a girl, I like this kind of girl. Looks are not an issue but a cute girl who knows style Even though our hobbies are different Our tastes are the same A girl that I can relate to a lot When we watch movies or listen to music. Girl, I need a girl, pretty no matter what she does A pretty body, too Girl, I need a girl, baby, I need you Girl, you need me too.

Taeyang (태양) – I Need A Girl (Feat. G-Dragon) (CC Lyrics)

Facebook, as well as other social media sites, need to be managed. So many young Koreans getting their news from smartphones, the need to market on these global social media platforms is crucial. So who are the best at using Facebook? They were a huge success the first 5 months and set records on Billboard.

But let's rewind real quick and dive into how Itzy came to be. Got it!

But let's rewind real quick and dive into how Itzy came to be. Got it! It's the little things, no? Yeji: "' That's a No No.

I Need a Girl (Taeyang song)

It features rap by G-Dragon , who co-wrote the song with producer Jeon Goon. The song was released on July 1, , as the lead single from Solar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jeon Goon G-Dragon.

I have been an online writer for over 4 years. I am passionate about books, philosophy, music, and the music industry. K-pop is a modern form of South Korean pop that incorporates influences from various music styles and genres and couples them with spectacular audiovisual elements. While a number of talented K-pop girl groups are dishing out great music, a small few have managed to hog the limelight. Across the globe, K-pop has a huge teen audience.

They grew up in the K-pop limelight. Is it to blame for their deaths?

She found them constricting and felt more natural without one. She considered it her choice to appear in public without one if she felt like it. As two of the biggest stars of K-pop, the meticulously produced, highly choreographed South Korean cultural export with legions of fans around the world — they saw their every word and action broadcast and picked apart. The women took their own lives within the span of a few weeks this fall, according to police, after each had been at the center of a maelstrom of media coverage and online commentary about their personal lives. K-pop is reeling from suspected suicides by beloved performers in recent years, as others in the industry are quitting or suspending their careers citing mental health struggles.

Nov 25, - SEOUL, South Korea — When the K-pop star Sulli ended her own life Once popular mainly just in Asian countries, K-pop girl groups and An Overlooked, Possibly Fatal Coronavirus Crisis: A Dire Need for Kidney Dialysis.

A girl in a school uniform rocks a guitar back and forth in her hands next to a boy who stares nervously into his fringe. Another girl sitting on a nearby bench adjusts her crop top. But in a neighbourhood filled with English and maths crammers , this is no normal exam room. This is a K-pop training academy, where dozens of students between the ages of 12 and 26 line up for their chance to audition for a visiting entertainment scout.

BTS’ label Big Hit Entertainment launches global auditions for new K-pop girl group

With tears running down her cheeks, Ms. Goo herself was found dead in her Seoul home in what the police were calling a suicide. Investigators also found a handwritten memo in which Ms.

Suicides by K-Pop Stars Prompt Soul-Searching in South Korea

The achievement tied the group with The Beatles for the most Billboard No. As with all well-established genres, there is plenty of talent beyond the main stars. Local favourites, cult concerns, reality-produced phenomenons, experimental cutting-edge collectives and talented if — till now — relatively unknown bands round out a constantly evolving scene defined by its high-gloss music videos, meticulously choreographed dance moves, colourful fashions, variety-show comedic turns and ebulliently catchy tunes. But with new groups debuting weekly, the sheer amount of music on offer can make discovery daunting to the newly-initiated.

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Top 10 Girl Kpop Groups on Facebook

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