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In the discourse of law the term whereas signals a recitation of the important context in a formal or contractual document—but it also represents non-binding language. The collection is separated into two sections. Instead, it was offered in near public silence as a minor inclusion in Section in the Defense Appropriations Act, H. A weak apology embedded in legislative preparations for war is, in some fundamental and brutal way, an official indicator of the duality of consciousness and the divided condition of daily life that characterizes Native American experience inside the punishing map of the United States of America:. I am often taking aim at somebody or something.

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from Fast Speaking Woman, Part 1

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Marriage marriage is like you say everything everything in stereo stereo fall fall on the bed bed at dawn dawn because you work work all night. Night is an apartment. Meant to be marriage. House will be the apartment which is night night.

Extra towel. How will you be welcomed? Will you have some when I offer. When you are married married there will be handsome gifts for the kitchen kitchen sometimes two of every thing. Everything is brand brand new new. Espresso coffee cups, a Finnish plate, a clock, a doormat, pieces of Art. And books of astonishing Medical Science with pictures. Even richer lexicons. Two two two two lines lines lines lines.

You need need separate separate electronic mail electronic mail accounts accounts. When you are married married you will be responsible when neighbors neighbors greet you. You will smile smile in unison unison or you might say he is fine, she is fine, o she is just down with a cold, o he is consoling a weary traveler just now, arrived from across the Plains.

She my husband is due home soon, he my wife is busy at the moment, my husband he is very very busy busy at the moment moment this very moment. Meant good-bye, good-bye. When you are married married sex sex will happen happen without delay delay.

Bell bell ring ring it rings rings again a double time. You do not have to answer. That's sure for when you are married people people understand understand you do not not have to answer answer a doorbell doorbell because sex sex may happen happen without delay delay.

Her or him as a case case may be be. You can add a name, have a double name with a hyphen if you like.

You can open joint accounts when you are married. Marriage is no guarantee against depression. A shun is no guarantee against anything. Marriage is no guarantee against resolution. Revolution is a tricky word word. Here, you hear here? Marriage is sweeter sweeter than you think. National Poetry Month. Materials for Teachers Teach This Poem. Poems for Kids. Poetry for Teens.

Lesson Plans. Resources for Teachers. Academy of American Poets. American Poets Magazine. Poems Find and share the perfect poems.

Used with permission of the author. Anne Waldman Stereo Marriage marriage is like you say everything everything in stereo stereo fall fall on the bed bed at dawn dawn because you work work all night. Academy of American Poets Educator Newsletter. Teach This Poem. Follow Us. Find Poets. Poetry Near You. Jobs for Poets.

Read Stanza. Press Center. The Walt Whitman Award. James Laughlin Award. Ambroggio Prize. Dear Poet Project. Back Issues.

Writers pick the best books of 2014: part 2

A sequel to My Girl , its plot follows a now-teenaged Vada Sultenfuss, who travels from her home in suburban Pennsylvania to Los Angeles to find more information about her deceased mother. In the spring of , Vada Sultenfuss has matured from an 11 year old hypochondriac to a serious 13 year old. Vada's father, Harry, and his new wife, Shelly, are expecting a baby. Harry's brother and Vada's uncle, Phil has moved to Los Angeles , where he works as a mechanic.

Maria Melendez: Dear poets, thanks for the roaring start! Keep it up!

This copy may be updated. Download a PDF of this transcript. All Rights Reserved. Facebook Pinterest Twitter.

Girl in the Shadows: Dasani’s Homeless Life

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. AmateurPoet Jan Silly, Silly. Continue reading Yzabela De Leon May Silly Girl. The perfectness, the popularity, the power? Too caught up in all of the action, the worthless gold Did you ever reminisce?

Celebrating Women’s History Month

S he wakes to the sound of breathing. The smaller children lie tangled beside her, their chests rising and falling under winter coats and wool blankets. A few feet away, their mother and father sleep near the mop bucket they use as a toilet. Two other children share a mattress by the rotting wall where the mice live, opposite the baby, whose crib is warmed by a hair dryer perched on a milk crate. Slipping out from her covers, the oldest girl sits at the window.

He interprets it as at the work of a generation and looks closely at diaries, love letters and family connections. The Paying Guests Virago by Sarah Waters is so evocative and compelling that all the time I was reading, I had a feeling it was me who had done something terrible, instead of her characters.

Find out more. This section takes its title from two plays by the early 17 th-century playwright Thomas Middleton, in one of which the moves in a game of chess denote stages in a seduction. This section focuses on two opposing scenes, one of high society and one of the lower classes.

Eliot’s Poetry

Rupi Kaur is an Indian-Canadian poet who rose to fame for short enjambed poems, usually with themes about sexual abuse and self-love, posted on instagram accompanied by an original illustration. For her readers, Kaur is a brave young woman speaking fearlessly and simply about extremely difficult themes. Here are some of her poems:. Kaur has mastered the art of making her poems seem profound, especially by capitalizing on the lazy technique of lines breaks.

Global — This brilliant poem written by Abdullah Shoaib can be read both ways, and both messages are so incredibly powerful. Because whenever I look in the mirror I always think. This is a very beautiful, brilliant, and important poem that I think everyone needs to read as understand. I have, in a similar manner written a poem which can be read in these two ways, suggesting two different meanings. Please do reply to me so that I can email you the poem, beacause I would really love it if you could read it and tell me how I could improve.

Pretty Ugly: There are 2 ways to read this incredible poem, both are so powerful.

The poem begins in the middle of the night in April. The female mastiff of the rich baron Sir Leoline howls at the sound of the clock striking twelve. On the previous night, Christabel dreamed about the knight she is supposed to marry. She has gone to the woods on this night to pray for him. Christabel realizes that the noise comes from a strange woman who is on the other side of the oak tree. Christabel asks the woman who she is, and the woman asks Christabel to have pity on her because she is nearly too weary to speak. The woman extends her hand to Christabel and asks her to have no fear.

Some of these poems are found in Rebel Rhymes and Rho?sodies () edited by Frank Moore as a companion volume to two other volumes of war poetry of.

Brown Girl Dreaming. Plot Summary. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5. LitCharts Teacher Editions.

Here’s Why Rupi Kaur’s Poetry Sucks

Marriage marriage is like you say everything everything in stereo stereo fall fall on the bed bed at dawn dawn because you work work all night. Night is an apartment. Meant to be marriage.

Latino/a Poets Roundtable, part two

Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library. Newsletter Subscribe Give. Poetry Foundation.

Советую исчезнуть, пока он тебя не засек. Хейл пожал плечами: - Зато он не имеет ничего против твоего присутствия.

- Самолет улетел почти пустой. Но завтра в восемь утра тоже есть… - Мне нужно узнать, улетела ли этим рейсом моя подруга. Она собиралась купить билет прямо перед вылетом. Женщина нахмурилась: - Извините, сэр.

Оперативные агенты сообщают последние данные о ходе выполнения поставленных перед ними задач. Банк данных АНБ - это основа основ тысяч правительственных операций. Отключить все это без подготовки - значит парализовать разведдеятельность во всем мире. - Я отдаю себе отчет в последствиях, сэр, - сказал Джабба, - но у нас нет выбора.

- Объясните, - потребовал Фонтейн.

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