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Best meet the team photos

Every manager cares about the bonds between team members. They should constantly keep everyone involved in the team processes, motivating individuals to be more than just coworkers. Experienced team leaders exactly know how it is important to support each other in a positive, playful manner. And they know that informal team building activities are an appropriate way to improve team spirit and make employees more solid. No matter you work in a softw are develo pment company , e-commerce store or involved in mass media, — team building will surely enhance your team and business. The connections within distributed teams are not so easy to establish and maintain.

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18 Easy Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

This post was getting a little bit old so I decided to update it. You can find the original list down below — I cannot vouch for them all working anymore!

I know that Hitreach have merged with another company now and you can no longer nosey at what is on their desks! Kayak might not think that they need those links but why would you just leave em hanging? But it fits the kickstarter brand. The images are not uniform — which every designer will tell you is a no go — usually.

There are no surnames on any of the photos — which keeps it nice and friendly. This works well because it says in the team section at the top that half of the people on the list work as part of the community.

The best thing about it? I can filter it by stuff like Metal Heads! So the top is pretty standard. Here are our top people. They have been here a while. They worked at cool places before. You should trust them — they lead well. Etsy then have a cool bit below that that has a pic of every member of the team — no small feat when you have so many staff — and I should imagine some turnover — even if it is a great place to work.

They have been pretty popular for years now. The thing is they create engagement for the user and they often get links because they end up on lists like this one. So this one borders in hipster chic but what the hell — I like Rubiks Cubes and pineapples! So the leadership team not only have there own bobble heads — but the bobble heads move! You can find Lateral further down this list form 4 and half years ago.

They have more moving faces in there now. How come it is always creative agencies and branding agencies that come up with the fun ones? Check out this one as the small team shine lights on each other and a few pour water downwards I assume on to whoever joins the team next. A lovely set of portraits that are delivered in several different styles set this group of brand strategists apart from the competition a little bit.

As you might expect from a creative agency. There is a quote that borders on pretentious but the right side and then some cool clickable bubbles that connect the different members of the team via matched colours and some slight movement and fading. Sometimes simple is right. Ideal for web designers that deliver beautiful simple web design. There are plenty of these out there! You are busy doing your normal work.

There are a few plugins that can help you out though. So here you go. There are always people who have plenty of ideas! Sometimes you can have too many ideas…. The biggest issue I have come across over the years is getting people to write the content about themselves. Getting your team members to write their bios can be tough.

With that in mind here are some boiler plate questions you can ask to get the content that you need to create the pages. You need to create a team profile template that can be used over and over again.

Make sure you create a employee bio example for them to work from, remove as much friction as possible. A combination of questions that relate to work and to what you do out of work will humanise your brand and helps people make decisions when they are looking for a supplier. Make sure that you get a professional photographer in and make sure the staff photos on the website are of the best quality.

Boom Online Marketing have grown considerably over the last year and added a number of new team members. This led to a discussion about how we could best represent the team in a unique way on the site. How could we showcase our personalities and skills in a creative way? How could we make sure that what we created would be on brand, not stuffy and dull? Is there a way it could help our SEO and maybe net us some links? We took to Twitter to get some recommendations of interesting and creative team pages we could learn from, both in and out of the online marketing niche.

We got lots of great suggestions and picked up a few lessons along the way…. Well I think this goes without saying! I would favour photos over cartoon representations, allow people to see the team — the people that are actually working on their projects or are likely to be working on their projects. Write bios that reflect who you are, what you do — both inside and outside of work — allow people to make connections.

If you are doing any kind of online marketing its likely that one member or more of your staff are writing guest posts somewhere — add them to the bios, let people see where they are and what else they writing. If the directors are speaking publicly then make sure there is a calendar of where and when it is all happening — some of the best connections are made at conferences and speaking gigs. Understand who your target market is and then think how you can creatively address them.

If so you are in a position to make your team page more memorable than the next. Again make sure that the humour is aligned with the target audience in order not to alienate — approach with caution!

Here are 13 examples of creative, inspiring, linkable and shareable team pages. I encourage you to click through and have a look at them as a lot of them are interactive. Click on one of the team members to get a full bio — talking about inspirations and hobbies.

This brings that team member to the forefront whilst making the others less prominent. The profiles also pull in tweets and latest posts. Nothing flashy about this one. Contact details and social profiles are easily accessible. Another simply laid out page that gives you enough detail to make an impression. Hover over a picture to get a personal video.

Lacking in detail of the team and who they are but is included for its nice touch with the photos of them as kids. Click through for a more detailed bio with access to personal blogs and social profiles. This covers the bases with bios but wins out in quirkiness. Click the arrows on the right to see the top half of the team photos randomly match with the bottom. Also click on the moustache in the bottom left for an odd moustache addition!

Simple and elegant — nothing flashy. These guys do data and used that to inform their infographic style team page which even includes average workday caffeine intake stats! The team are represented by gifs.

Click on a team member to scroll down to their bio — which includes work related info and also links to hobbies, map, music and social profiles. Know your target audience! This page appears to be a standard set of photos but when you click it flips over a top trumps style card that covers industry, personal and super hero! Hover over one of the team members and watch the others move their head to look at the one you are on.

I think this would be better if it linked through to full profiles though. People deal with people. Be one step ahead! All things being not so equal, people still prefer to do business with people they like. If prospective clients are still in the situation of making decisions of which company to contact, you can lay out your experience and skills on your team page beforehand. None of us like wasting time. Both employers and potential employees want to know that they will fit into an existing team before they start.

A solid team page will allow prospective employees to make that judgement themselves — before even thinking about applying for a position. It was always going to come down to the SEO at some point! With the right promotion and enough exposure a good quality team page can bring in some links — it becomes a linkable asset for any of your team that have a public profile. I think we can safely say that the Lateral page has earned itself a fair number of links.

A team page that has the edge when it comes to creativity or quirkiness has the potential to become shareable — many sites seem to have created these unique team pages but then forgot to make them shareable! Essentially it boils down to either leveraging existing assets on your website or off in order to spread your anchor text in a more natural manner. An accidental entry into the world of SEO has left him with little spare time. When not at work or with his family, you can find him amidst a pile of records.

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Custom Background Images for Teams Meetings

Blog Web Design. Visitors usually look for this page to get an idea about your agency. We see a lot of portraits and names, but the catchy pages are the unique ones that introduce their team proudly. Since the digital age encourages transparency, it is better to give more information about your business.

They can ask questions, chat, have lunch together, or go out for happy hours. So, what do you do when your team is distributed across different locations?

Cameron Chapman is a professional Web and graphic designer with over 6 years of experience. Every second Tuesday, we send a newsletter with useful techniques on front-end and UX. These pages are a valuable addition to any site where human contact is an important part of the industry. It adds a personal touch to the company and can lend trust to visitors. This builds credibility for many, especially considering how concerned many people are with online scams and phishing schemes.

50 Webpage Layouts for Showcasing Company Teams and Employees

Most organizations realize that their success depends in large part on their staff. High-achieving teams usually shine in attributes like communication, problem solving, focus, creativity, loyalty, and leadership. Morale and motivation are important, too. But those skills and strengths are not always natural; they have to be cultivated. Team-building experts have found that combining fun with learning is one of the most effective ways to improve performance, break down barriers, and tap into hidden potential. Many of the options also feature a video showing how the game is done. Whether you have a completely new team to manage or are adding new members to an existing group, providing a stress-free way for people to get to know each other can make all the difference. Here are some icebreaker games that you can try to help get your team comfortable with each other. Have participants sit in a circle and face each other.

9 Creative Ways in 2020 to Make Memorable New Employee Announcements

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Ready and easy-to-use.

How do you move tens of thousands of employees to remote work overnight? Then, last Wednesday, we just did it—sending out an email that asked approximately 50, Microsoft employees in the Seattle area to work from home if they could. We were already heavy Teams users, but in our first fully remote days usage among Microsoft employees in the U. By the end of the day Thursday, chat was up 50 percent week over week and meetings were up 37 percent.


This post was getting a little bit old so I decided to update it. You can find the original list down below — I cannot vouch for them all working anymore! I know that Hitreach have merged with another company now and you can no longer nosey at what is on their desks!

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As a former leadership trainer and coach, I have run several types of team building activities for teams of several sizes — with participants ranging from entry level employees to C-level executives. These engaging activities have always worked during my training programs and they will help you build a closely-knit and successful team! The entire Startup Voyager team is remote and distributed across 4 countries! If you are looking to build and manage your virtual teams instead, you can check this article: 25 Tips to Help You Manage a High-Performing Virtual Team. Virtual team building is the ongoing process of bringing remote teams together. The physical distance of remote work can quickly turn into emotional distance which in turn, leads to isolation.

Top Team-Building Games: Experts Share Their Favorites

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Remote work is our current workplace reality, but managing remote teams and keeping distributed employees engaged can challenge even the best managers. This unique environment, however, can present myriad opportunities to support your teams and grow as team leaders. As a leader, it is your responsibility to care for a team not only as colleagues but as human beings. Additional factors such as kids at home, the caretaking of parents, and more will now be a part of their typical workday. It is crucial for those in leadership to support teams through online communication. So, what does remote work mean for those in leadership?

Dec 12, - Adding a "Meet the Team" page or section to your website is an easy, effective way to They invited team members to bring in 10 to 12 objects that best When you hover over a picture, the employee in the photo starts to.

When it comes to bragging about your team, you want to make the best impression possible so that people feel comfortable doing business with you. Amazee Labs has a superb team page that truly highlights not only their team members but their design capabilities. For each individual, their image is over-laid by their name in white, and when you hover over their name, you will notice that their position in the company appears. The team page equally shows the hyperlinks that group various team members, ranging from floor members everyone to various levels of hierarchy in the company. On the top right of the page is an icon that looks like a menu button, which switches the home page to a summary page showing all the links to their services, descriptions, and even their contacts.

21 Best “Meet The Team” Pages Examples

Last Updated on May 1, Introduce new employees with creativity and flair that existing employees will notice and appreciate. Are you ready to jump-start the bonding process?

Meet The Team Templates for PowerPoint

Microsoft announced background blur for Teams meetings in September If your workstation hardware supports the necessary AVX2 extensions see this page for details , Teams can isolate your image from the background and apply a blurring mask to the background to remove the distraction of a cluttered office. Microsoft has now taken the next step to allow participants in Teams meetings to choose a custom background Office notification MC announced on April 3, Microsoft roadmap item Users are limited to choosing an image from a set supplied by Microsoft.

They are experimenting with WFH Slack channels, virtual group exercise classes and photo contests for the best work-from-home selfie.

We are in this together. As a business owner, I see how we are all in the same boat struggling to keep our teams engaged, boost morale, and frankly, wondering how to be a good leader through all of this uncertainty. Then that means you are off the hook when it comes to building relationships within your team, right? Team building icebreakers are still extremely beneficial for your team.

15 Virtual Team Building Activities Your Remote Team Will Love

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