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Can a woman get a pulled groin

A groin pull is actually an injury to one of the hip-adductor muscles on the inside of the thigh, which help bring the legs together. A groin pull can be quite painful, but it is not dangerous. It can be painful for older patients who already have difficulty walking. At any age, the injury may become irritated when people are carrying something and walking downstairs, when they have little control over the adductor muscles.

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What is a Pulled Groin Muscle?

All patients are required to wear masks and practice physical distancing in our waiting rooms and offices. View image. A strain is a stretch or tear of a muscle or tendon. People commonly call such an injury a "pulled" muscle. The muscles in your groin help bring your legs together. There are two muscles that may commonly get injured in a groin strain: the adductor magnus the large muscle running down the inner side of the thigh and the sartorius a thinner muscle that starts on the outside of your hip, crosses your thigh and attaches near the inside of the knee.

A groin strain most commonly occurs when you are running or jumping or when there is a forced push-off or cut. You will have pain or tenderness along the inner side of your thigh or in the groin area. You will have pain when you bring your legs together. You may have pain when lifting your knee up. The length of recovery depends on many factors such as your age, health, and if you have had a previous groin injury.

Recovery time also depends on the severity of the injury. A mild groin strain may recover within a few weeks, whereas a severe injury may take 6 weeks or longer to recover. You need to stop doing the activities that cause pain until the groin has healed.

If you continue doing activities that cause pain, your symptoms will return and it will take longer to recover. Everyone recovers from an injury at a different rate. Return to your activities depends on how soon your groin recovers, not by how many days or weeks it has been since your injury has occurred.

In general, the longer you have symptoms before you start treatment, the longer it will take to get better. The goal is to return you to your normal activities as soon as is safely possible. If you return too soon you may worsen your injury.

You may safely return to your activities when, starting from the top of the list and progressing to the end, each of the following is true:. A groin strain is best prevented by warming up properly and doing groin muscle stretching exercises prior to your activities. This is especially important in activities such as sprinting or jumping.

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Rehabilitating a Groin Pull

A pulled groin muscle is commonly seen in athletes competing in sports that require quick acceleration and change of direction in forward and lateral movements. A strain to a muscle is caused when the muscles are overstretched or overloaded. In this case, it can happen in a number of ways including a strong kick of a ball without warming up, a quick stretch during a lateral movement, a fall in sports or while skiing in which the bindings do not release and the leg is twisted at the hip. Athletes susceptible to a pulled groin muscle are those in sports that require a quick change of direction as well as explosive movements.

You are here: Your Health Update Newsletter. It would be reasonable to assume that nagging groin pain is due to a pulled muscle.

All patients are required to wear masks and practice physical distancing in our waiting rooms and offices. View image. A strain is a stretch or tear of a muscle or tendon. People commonly call such an injury a "pulled" muscle.

A 24-year-old woman with right groin pain

A groin strain is a muscle injury that can be painful and needs time to heal. We find out more about how groin strains can happen, their symptoms, and how long a person can expect recovery to take. Groin strain affects any one of a group of muscles at the top of the thigh. The muscle can be partially or completely torn, which can cause considerable pain and discomfort. For a serious strain, physical therapy may be needed, and a person is often given exercises to do. The return to a full range of movements should be done gradually. Intense physical activity may need to be avoided for weeks or months. Pain can range from a dull ache to sharp pain. The pain will often be worse when walking or moving the leg.

Diagnosing and Treating Groin Pulls

We are going to list possible causes for your groin pain. We are going to discuss Comprehensive Prolotherapy treatments as a possible remedy. The question as to whether these treatments will help you is something that would need to be discussed with a healthcare provider familiar with the challenges of your type of groin pain, the symptoms it is causing you, and with knowledge of Prolotherapy treatments. At the bottom of this article, you can ask our staff questions. Upon graduation, in , she entered the United States Air Force.

You may have had a minor groin problem at one time or another. Most of the time our body movements do not cause problems.

A year-old woman presented to clinic with complaints of long-standing right groin pain. She reported an insidious onset of pain approximately 1 year prior to presentation with significant worsening during the past 3 months. The pain was constant and mechanical in nature, made worse with forward flexion and abduction. She denied fevers, chills, dysuria or hematuria.

Causes of Groin Pain and Treatment Options

When a muscle is strained, the muscle is stretched too far. Less severe strains pull the muscle beyond their normal excursion. More severe strains tear the muscle fibers, and can even cause a complete tear of the muscle.

When people experience pain in their lower abdomen, where the leg meets the pelvis, they often refer to this as groin pain. Depending on the underlying cause, groin pain can be mild or severe, come on gradually or suddenly, and vary in quality dull, sharp, throbbing, or even burning. In the end, your treatment plan may range from something as simple as rest and ice to something more involved, like physical therapy, or invasive, like surgery. Note: Groin pain in children is assessed differently than in adults; this article focuses on the latter. Due to the multiple and unique causes of groin pain, seeing a healthcare professional for an evaluation is important. Less commonly, testicular, abdominal, pelvic, and nerve conditions may cause groin pain.

What can you do about a groin strain?

If you're an active person, you may attribute pain in the lower abdomen or groin to a muscle strain, especially if you experienced that kind of injury when you were younger. Once you're older, it's more likely that groin pain is the result of a hernia — abdominal fat or part of the intestine poking through a hole in the abdominal wall. David Berger, a colorectal and gastrointestinal surgeon at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital. You may have a hard time telling the two apart. You may have a dull ache in the groin or burning pain or a heaviness when you stand," Dr. Berger says.

Jan 1, - It can be hard to tell the difference between a groin strain (muscle or "One in three men will get an inguinal hernia, and one in 10 women will.

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Groin strain vs. hernia pain: How to tell the difference

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