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Fake relationships? Friends to lovers? We have that. Enemies to lovers? We know and love them! You will find lots and lots of new things to read in this pretty big list.

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50 Best Romance Manga for the Romantics at Heart

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What is impressive is the wide range of stories tackling this insular subject, from memoir, to comedy, to zombie apocalypse. Add to Bag. The story starts out with two high school boys, Mashiro and Takagi, deciding to work together to become manga creators. Because the protagonists have to learn about the industry as they go, the reader is introduced to it as well, so this is not a manga you have to be an expert to enjoy. Hamaguchi, the protagonist, has to leave his boring job in a textile company after encountering some complications and goes to Tokyo to work as an apprentice in a manga studio.

In this fictionalized biography, he shows his lead character, Hiroshi, entering manga contests with his brother, meeting the legendary Osamu Tezuka, working with another prominent manga creator, going through moments of indecision and despair, dealing with publishers, and generally walking a zig-zag path toward becoming a real manga-ka. The manga-within-a-manga is realistically drawn, but Kon keeps ripping holes in it, as the characters figure out how to sidestep the continuity and take control of their own fates.

Or do they? This one-volume manga was sadly left unfinished, but the Dark Horse edition includes a final chapter that Kon, best known as the director of Paprika and other groundbreaking anime, sketched out before he died.

Well, yes, but the lead character, Hideo Suzuki, is an apprentice in a manga studio, and a good chunk of the first volume is set in his workplace. In addition to the usual visuals of everyone slaving away at their drawing boards, Hanazawa gives us an unvarnished look at the internal politics of a studio, with feuds, rivalry, and insecurity, not to mention a dollop of sex. Between the drama at work, the drama with his girlfriend also a manga creator , and his own turbulent life, Hideo barely notices the zombies—until they become impossible to ignore.

After the first volume, the action shifts elsewhere, but those first few chapters show a seldom seen if perhaps exaggerated side of the manga industry. Eventually he is arrested and returns home, but he walks out again and goes to work as a pipe fitter for a while.

The final section of this one-volume manga finds him in rehab for alcoholism. Despite the theme, this book is not dark; Azuma shrugs off the more serious aspects of his situation and focuses on the day to day activities of getting by. In fact, he is a prolific creator of manga in a variety of genres, including comedy and sci-fi, and he is widely regarded as a pioneering lolicon creator.

Manga Dogs, by Ema Toyama With this series, we arrive at the phenomenon of the high-school manga-ka, a situation that is invariably played for laughs. Hilarious complications ensue, including a kidnapping, and the combination of serious-but-awkward girl with three cute guys is a winning one.

The twist here is that he has switched their genders in his story. What follows is a comedy of misunderstandings, as Nozaki can create insightful stories on the page but is a bit of a lunkhead in the three-dimensional world.

This is a four-panel gag manga with some really funny moments, especially as the cast expands to include other classmates and assistants. Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, Vol. Tags: a drifting life , a zoo in winter , bakuman , disappearance diary , i am a hero , let's get meta , manga dogs , monthly girls nozaki-kun , opus , otomen. Most Recent. Dick Novels.

50 Best Romance Manga for the Romantics at Heart

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Kawaii girl? Party queen? Which type is your dish? Stop worrying about not having a girlfriend and join us to find your sweetheart. If we could all go back and correct our actions.


The recommendations are broken up by editorial team. For instance, the editors Shueisha 's Cocohana manga magazine recommended a total of eight works, two from each publisher. Four editorial teams listed their recommendations for a total of 32 manga that genre fans should read right now. She's become accustomed to her new ability, but one day she hear's a boy's voice that tells her that he can hear here, too. Aruna, however, is no shrinking violet. She has her own goals and ambitions in this fantasy world of politics. Satsu moves into the family's estate where Kenta's strict father Keiichi, hostile sister-in-law Mihoko, and push-over older brother Akito all live together. Satsu's sunny disposition will only get her so far but surprisingly, Keiichi accepts their marriage as part of a larger strategy There she meets a melancholic man named Takaaki Hongo and the two begin a fateful romance beyond time. As a last ditch effort, she writes a message on her desk.

Stop Everything You’re Doing And Read These 17 Manga

They are like really long picture adult picture books, but better. We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. Manga is a style of comic books and graphic novels. There are many different kinds of stories which makes it easy to get into, but finding a series that suits you is half the battle.

Manga Storm is a simple but powerful manga reader app that provides a great reading experience together with a lot of useful features. With Manga Storm, you will never want to read your manga using web browser ever again.

The story follows Rai, a powerful noble who had been asleep for years before waking up in an abandoned building in South Korea. To integrate into this new world, he enrolls in the local high school and makes friends there who teach him about technology, maps and instant noodles. Along the way, they discover secrets about his past and battle a secret organisation.


What is impressive is the wide range of stories tackling this insular subject, from memoir, to comedy, to zombie apocalypse. Add to Bag. The story starts out with two high school boys, Mashiro and Takagi, deciding to work together to become manga creators.

Romance manga is one of many fans' guilty pleasures. Many have the same cliche plot, but there are some which deconstruct tropes and make them feel fresh. For one, there are often plot devices with romance anime and manga in which the characters love each other but don't confess their feelings until the last chapter or episode. Usually, we are left with vague conclusions that don't satisfy anyone. But, recently, there has been some manga which has the characters going steady through all volumes. We're going to list ten of the best romance manga where the characters date throughout.

10 Korean Manhwa You Should Read Now

The trio spies on Han-Kyul trying to present Gyu-Ri with the commemorative gift, and to the peeping toms' surprise the handsome, thoughtful Han-Kyul gets rejected and Gyu-Ri breaks up with him right there; surpringly enough Han-Kyul takes it up well and even gives the present as a parting gift. From here on begins the story of Need a Girl! Four guys trying to figure out how to get a girlfriend, three perverts and a seemingly out-of-place handsome guy find themselves in the craziest situations in order to peep at girls' bodies and know what they like in order to score one of them. The catch is they are too perverted or dense to notice this, so they continue with their perverted antics much to the chagrin of the girls, who try to keep a safe distance from them; but little by little the guys get wind of their feelings and develop a closer connection with them, each in their own way. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

Jul 05, · Young-Woo starts off as a naive girl in love but quickly has to adapt I WANT A MANHWA THAT I CAN READ, ENJOY, AND FINISH IT WITHIN A.

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. WebComics app is one of the most popular comic-reading platforms for American youths!

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I Just Want A Girlfriend - Ch. 1

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This manhwa provides the examples of:

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