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Ever wonder where people get ideas for our favorite movies and characters? Most people take creative inspiration from the people, places, and situation that occur in their very own lives. There are people that dress up to imitate certain characters. But we scoured the internet to find our favorite cartoon characters and their real-life doppelgangers. People who look like cartoons just by being themselves.


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A popular belief states that the human mind is incapable of creating completely new human faces, but rather mix up the details of images you've already seen before. So how do cartoonists get their inspiration for their animated characters?

It turns out that cartoon characters are often derived from real human beings - check out this list of famous cartoon character look-alikes and wonder no more! As you can see, these real-life doppelgangers are so similar to their cartoon counterparts that it's hard to believe that the latter wasn't modeled on the former.

Or maybe the human versions were somehow modeled on the cartoons? It's a terrifying prospect, but before you go freaking out, take a look at this funny list compiled by Bored Panda , and don't forget to send us your pics if you or somebody you know looks suspiciously like your favorite cartoon character in real life.

This post may include affiliate links. Z3F Report. I think she looks like the sea turtle from Finding Nemo Imgur Report.

Balarama Report. There is an amazing resemblance. Even the eyebrow is matching :- And also Khal Drogo has the scar on the same eye. I had a colleague, who looked much more like Ned. Unfortunately I never managed to get a good picture of him.

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Facebook Pinterest Twitter. Final score:. Brigitte Wohnthiernicht Brigitte Wohnthiernicht. Hans Hans. John Kuki John Kuki. Kjorn Kjorn. Tricia Ferrell Tricia Ferrell. Burns From The Simpsons. Jo Ehly Jo Ehly. Cuzy Cuzy Diana Lazar Diana Lazar. Kerri Pearce Kerri Pearce. Cesi Baca Cesi Baca. Amanda Panda Amanda Panda. Annette Topits Annette Topits. Jennifer Dayap Jennifer Dayap. Marieke Wichern. Nienke Cnossen Nienke Cnossen. Abraham Betancourt Abraham Betancourt. Hiruya Hiruya. Ashlyn Schultz Ashlyn Schultz.

Zombie Gurl Zombie Gurl. Kathleen Ferry. Cathleen Morris Cathleen Morris. Katrin Faridani Katrin Faridani. Potato Head. Doyle E Doyle E. Shauday Smith Shauday Smith. Anna Brandigi Anna Brandigi. Cheryl Cheryl. Bianca Nuzzo Bianca Nuzzo. Serkan Cavdar. Sarah Zimmerman Sarah Zimmerman. Jedi Ewok Jedi Ewok. Dan Beck Dan Beck.

Dave Namovich. Dessira Buchholz Dessira Buchholz. Flora Polvado Flora Polvado. Martin Zoul. Arnold van der Zee Arnold van der Zee. Wilder Taype. Nash Nopper Nash Nopper. Victor Sias Victor Sias. Catalina Ioan Catalina Ioan. Mirriam Banda Mirriam Banda. Trump's Daughter. Nick Sorise Nick Sorise. Melanie Sanders. Victoria Hammond Victoria Hammond. Reni W. Martin Martin. Felipe Montera.

Terra van Bochoven Terra van Bochoven. OdangaUsagi OdangaUsagi. Crystllee Crystllee. Una Paisa. Aishah Aishah.

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We're sorry, but Freepik doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Support Contact. Monsters emotions. Cartoon dark skin man in an office suit points to a list of coronavirus symptoms. Cartoon man in an office suit points to a list of coronavirus symptoms.

Until now, the Famous Studios Popeye cartoons have never really been given a fair treatment by animation writers and historians. Authors have concentrated on the earliest Popeye cartoons from Fleischer Studios because those films broke new ground in technique and humor, and on the made-for-TV cartoons of the s because many of them are so awful.

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. A popular belief states that the human mind is incapable of creating completely new human faces, but rather mix up the details of images you've already seen before. So how do cartoonists get their inspiration for their animated characters?

33 Cartoon Guys Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening

Sketch artist Kells O'Hickey is going viral for a thoughtful gift he gave his girlfriend this past Christmas. In the drawings, O'Hickey and his girlfriend, Lindsay, appear as characters in 10 different famous cartoons. O'Hickey had previously drawn a few pictures of himself and Lindsay in the cartoon styles of "Futurama" and "Adventure Time. Inspired by "Cuphead. Inspired by classic Disney films. Courtesy of Kells O'Hickey. Inspired by "The Simpsons. Inspired by "Family Guy.

20 Cartoon Look-Alikes That Seem to Have Escaped to Real Life

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That winking, sinister-looking cigar you see above is one of the game's many bosses. And that frustrated-looking guy with a cup for a head?

Gumby is an American clay animation franchise , centered on the titular green clay humanoid character created and modeled by Art Clokey. The character has been the subject of two television series, a feature-length film and other media. Since the original series aired, Gumby has become a famous example of stop-motion clay animation and an influential cultural icon, spawning tributes, parodies and merchandising.

Cartoon Faces Vectors, Photos & PSD

There are certain films and TV shows made for children that are needlessly freaky, and defy any reasonable explanation. In the cartoon, a man is nervously preparing dinner for his date… and then it all goes straight to the ninth circle of hell. As he hurriedly prepares dinner, he accidentally switches from recipe-to-horrible-recipe, creating a hodgepodge of nasty ingredients. Then, the Casanova presents a covered serving tray to his date.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined In 3D

Plus he was practically shirtless the entire movie. Super misunderstood! SO HOT. Always in my heart forever. Like, where have you been? Bae is waiting.

50 People Who Look Just Like Cartoon Characters

It seems silly to say, but we will: A man watches cartoons. Not watched. He watches for nostalgia. Or to appease his kid. Or because they're made for him and not the kid which is why a good many nowadays air after bedtime. No matter the reason, cartoons have informed how nearly all of us live — with their bravery, good-heartedness, or even downright stupidity. And so here we've picked our favorite 33 men — loosely defined to include boys and male-gendered creatures and robots — in television cartoons, and explained why we think they're the best.

characters! We just have to look around more attentively, and if possible, take a pic and share it with the world. Peter Griffin from Family Guy. 20 Cartoon.

Он не собирается выдавать ключи от директорского кабинета всякий раз, когда Мидж придет в голову очередная блажь. Не успел он приняться за чтение отчета службы безопасности, как его мысли были прерваны шумом голосов из соседней комнаты. Бринкерхофф отложил бумагу и подошел к двери. В приемной было темно, свет проникал только сквозь приоткрытую дверь кабинета Мидж.

Голоса не стихали.

The 30 Creepiest Kids Shows and Movies

Квадрат Цезаря, - просияла Сьюзан.  - Читается сверху. Танкадо прислал нам письмо.

The 33 Best Cartoon Men in TV History

- Он провел рукой по своим коротко стриженным волосам.  - Я кое о чем тебе не рассказал. Иной раз человек в моем положении… - Он замялся, словно принимая трудное решение.

Ее черный лоснящийся верх поднимался на двадцать три фута, а сама она уходила далеко вниз, под пол.

Там проблема с электричеством. - Я не электрик. Позвони в технический отдел. - В куполе нет света.

Thinking Man Cartoon Stock Photos and Images

Поэтому отключение представляло собой сложную серию подтверждений и протоколов, гораздо более сложную, чем запуск ядерной ракеты с подводной лодки. - У нас есть время, но только если мы поспешим, - сказал Джабба.  - Отключение вручную займет минут тридцать. Фонтейн по-прежнему смотрел на ВР, перебирая в уме остающиеся возможности.

- Директор! - взорвался Джабба.  - Когда эти стены рухнут, вся планета получит высший уровень допуска к нашим секретам. Высший уровень.

Это означало, что тот находится на рабочем месте. Несмотря на субботу, в этом не было ничего необычного; Стратмор, который просил шифровальщиков отдыхать по субботам, сам работал, кажется, 365 дней в году. В одном Чатрукьян был абсолютно уверен: если шеф узнает, что в лаборатории систем безопасности никого нет, это будет стоить молодому сотруднику места.

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