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I need a stoner girl

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But for those ladies who incorporate weed into their daily lifestyles, you are the coolest babes of all. A sexy girl is one thing, but a sexy girl who can roll a joint better than a boy brings it to a whole new level. Stoner girls can get blunted with the dudes, roll up joints with the homegirls, or simply chill at home, taking bong rips to the face. The only way to convince her to leave her apartment is if she knows she can light up once she gets to her destination. DOWN Though a stoner babe prefers to keep it chill, she is always down for whatever. She never has a solid plan, and she likes to go with the flow.

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Weed simplifies life; all stoners know this. Likewise, girls who get high, in my opinion, also make the best lovers. Chicks who get high tend to be more creative. They tend to be a little rebellious, a little edgy. Nevertheless — in my opinion — these women are always ideal to settle down, and stay up, with. In this fashion — as long as your weed is right, and your shorty is right — you know you will be, too.

As a general rule of thumb no pun intended , most true stoners are good with their hands — and, if she can skill a cone proper, she can always post up and roll my weed. And if you find a shorty with roll-up game, make sure you hold her down. With that being said, when there are intense emotions invested, these same petty issues can sometimes double as the driving force behind more serious disharmony, among lovers. Weed is crucial because it helps you keep things in perspective.

Put a ring on it People who smoke weed get judged. This is evident by the pack of OCB Slims hanging out of her denim back pocket. Life is about doing the things you love. And what more could you really ask for? With regard to relationships, laughter always seems to be the great equalizer. Sex is better high. Food is better high. While she might have a taste for high-end fashion, or expensive dining, you know she really only sees these types of things as bonuses — and far from needs.

Potheads have the best taste in music. Nevertheless, I stand by this one. You need a certain level of feng shui, in order to fully enjoy your cypher, and that begins and ends with your soundtrack. By Dan Scotti. Here are nine reasons why stoner chicks make the best girlfriends.

She thinks for herself. She has an independent mind and, most importantly, thinks for herself. She understands how to balance parts of life. She has good taste in music. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.

Stoner Girls Are the Coolest Girls on the Planet

You found yourself a perfect girl. Let her know how much you care with a piece from my list of the best stoner gifts for her. But is she also a fashion junkie?

Dating is terrible as it is, but when you're a cannabis consumer, things can get a little but complicated. Say you're on a first date and everything is going very well.

Chances are good that the stoner chick of your dreams is already somewhere in your circle. She might be that girl who gets really quiet and shy after a few bong rips. She could also be that girl who makes everyone laugh with her hilarious anecdotes. Invite her to come be the first to try out your new desktop vape. We stoner chicks are just like other women, we like to form a connection first.

Best 420-friendly dating sites for pot lovers and cannabis enthusiasts

I need a stoner bitch. St-st-stoner bitch. I need a stone-st-stone-stone-stoner bitch. I need a stone-stone-st-st-stoner bitch. I need a stoner bitch baby lookin just like you. And if you like to get high, well then you just might do. Never cry.

7 Women On What It’s Like To Be A Girl Who Smokes Weed

Gal pals Biz and Mari lead the discussion on marijuana normalization and create a dialogue that reaches far beyond its typical, stoner audience. She's my closest stoner buddy and we've been dating for two years. Your Stoner Girlfriend Awaits. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search.

Pat Brown]. I need a stoner girl That's what I need I need a stoner girl MOD SUN And we get high, high, high, Yo I said I'm lookin' for a girl who can smoke like I do, Does what she wants and not what she has to, She got a piercing and she even has some tattoos, And you can bring her everywhere 'cause she mad cool, No strings attached we keep it casual, And when you don't text back she don't mad at you, She keep it chill don't never cop an attitude, Even when it disappear out in Malibu, And she smell like kush and Channel, Keep the pipe in the purse it's right next to the lip gloss, Carry a scale but she don't sell, Straight chillaxin and gettin' high as a tip-top, Non-stop I would swap this chick is she wasn't the one I wanted to kick it with, With big-shot got our own spot never slip got to play with benefits, Parking pot or Parking lot get lit, Always got room for that shh

Finding a stoner girlfriend is like finding a unicorn. They comprise that rare breed of woman who will be as good of a friend as a life partner and their habits are not ones you will soon get tired of. Unlike women who don't smoke, not only will they not be bothered by your smoking, they will want to join in.

Stoned bby ✨🌸🦋🍁

Weed simplifies life; all stoners know this. Likewise, girls who get high, in my opinion, also make the best lovers. Chicks who get high tend to be more creative.

Developers aren't any different. If you've ever had to quickly exit a promising relationship with a non-stoner, you'll get why this is necessary. So cut out all that bullshit and just find someone who likes caning it too. Todd Mitchem is the man who created High There! Speaking to FastCoExist , Mitchem said: "I hated dating on other sites and apps because as soon as the idea of my cannabis consumption came up — date over. I actually walked out of a date after paying of course and said to myself, that's it.

20 Best Gifts for Stoner Girls

The term "stoner" has long been synonymous with high school burnouts, collegiate-level slackers, and a handful of other male "underachiever" stereotypes. Of late, the word has gotten a make-over—a glamming up, if you will—thanks in part to the female cannabis lovers who are leading the marijuana industry's growth and stepping in to reclaim and normalize the once-loaded term. We spoke with seven women, all hailing from different social and professional backgrounds, about what it means to be a stoner, and how they're dispelling the negative connotations of the female smoker. I was a late bloomer. I started smoking at 24, and I'm 30 now. When I was young, my dad was a big pothead, and he drank a lot. I was really religious, good kid, and the negative perceptions were there, like, "Only people with big problems are the ones smoking and drinking. I was like, "Oh, its not just gross guys that smoke weed.

Mar 17, - Weed simplifies life; all stoners know this. Sure, there are times when you'll just want to smoke alone – walking aimlessly around the city at 3.

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Women are conditioned to pay more attention to detail than men—no more loose, shoddy joints for u, buddy! A study published in The American Journal Of Medicine in concluded, against all munchie odds, that not only are bud-smokers actually thinner than their non-bud-smoking counterparts—their bodies also produce healthier responses to sugar. Her weederosity, no doubt, will go beyond passing the blunt.

Top definition. Stoner girl unknown. A stoner girl can smoke all day and roll blunts with the boys.

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