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I need a guy who loves me

He loves me … he loves me not … if only finding the answer were as simple as plucking petals off a flower. So what makes it so hard to determine if a man truly loves you? A lot of us have ideas about what love should be , what it should look like, and how it should feel. A lot of the time these ideas are plain wrong we can thank romantic comedies for that.


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I have met this guy who thinks I hung the moon. He is considerate, calls me everyday, sees me often, shares his thoughts and feelings with me and wants to make me happy.

I like him too and think this could grow into something but I am not moving as fast emotionally as he is. I have told him I like him, and the qualities he has that I appreciate including how he treats me.

We have similar views on religion, politics and interests in common, we have chemistry. When you become so gooey with love that you literally think a person could do no wrong, you blind yourself to reality and open up to getting very hurt. Suddenly, this guy is under the impression that he is dating the person who hung the moon. What a feeling! And if she is, who cares? First, idealizing someone is patently dangerous. Great feeling; rarely good for you in the long run.

The guy who calls four times a day, buys you flowers every week, and is already talking marriage after a month is great — if you feel the exact same way about him. But when a guy moves much faster than a woman emotionally, the woman is almost always inclined to respect him a little less and pull away a little more.

Now what makes this question a little more interesting to me is that I know Carol well. Thus, her dilemma is no surprise — this kind of thing happens to folks like her all the time. The next time you have an amazing evening and he tells you he loves you, sit him down and tell him the truth:. I like you. I like how you treat me.

He may be momentarily stung, but probably not too bad. Good advice! I agree, I think there is no harm in doing what Evan has suggested here. He may not like it, but if he really wants to be respectful and considerate of your feelings he should be able to oblige.

Also, another alternative would be simply to distance yourself from him a little so that you can take some time to think what it is that you really want. To do that you would not necessarily have to do anything differently, except to tell him that you just want some time to think alone if he happens to call or ask you for a date, when you would rather be alone.

I would just make sure that you communicate to him that you do appreciate all of the things he is doing right. As long as you communicate that he is successful in making you happy, I would be confident that he will continue to want to date you.

And while you are taking the time to think about your relationship with him, if he seems like the perfect guy for you too, I would examine, why is it that you are feeling the need to hold back?

Are you scared to commit? Are you afraid that he may not be as great of a guy as he is pretending to be? Are you worried that he will not love you after he realizes that you actually did not hung the moon? Dating can be a delicate balancing act, especially when one person wants to go faster than the other. I also think the more you know yourself and the more mature you are, it is naturally for chemistry to develop faster.

And since you probably know much more of what you want than say when you were on your twenties, it seems to me that the fact that you have been able to attract such a great guy into your life definitely reflects your own maturity level.

So while it is good to be cautious, I think sometimes it is also wise to strike when the iron is hot :. Wish you all of the best! Evan, as usual I think you are spot on. She must certainly use this key word when she expresses her feelings to the man. I would bet that there is a lot of promise for this couple! Women say they do all the time.

Maybe instead of him slowing down, maybe you need to speed up a little…or risk loosing him. But everything else you say about him is really positive…remember what Evan always says about not settling, but compromising? Maybe he could slow down and you could speed up a little and meet in the middle.

Just a thought. Sure, maybe they want a guy that cherishes them, but more often than not, that guy is some perfect fantasy man, and not the man who is right in front of them.

The key word here is smothering. I am seeing a man that i do like, but its been a very short time we have been dating. We have talked online for a few months, and know a lot of the same people. It takes time to get to know someone and find out if you are really compatible. Henis over the moon for me. I am not catching feelings at the same rate. Coming on too fast and too touchy feely can feel more like high pressure selling than love and whether you are male or female, you can scare the object of your affections away.

I get scared when i am put way up on a pedestal. Its too far to fall when they discover you are a mere mortal. It also sends a message that they are not truly in love with you but in love with their own feelings. Because love is wanting the other person to feel safe and respected.

Coming on too strong does not make the other person feel that you are taking their feelings into consideration. It feels like they just want what they want. Though this man makes a small effort to not come on so strong and isnt trying to pressure me into bed , he stillnis all over me with telling me he is in love and wants to marry me. I do not say one thing and mean another. I want to be cherished, sure.

But i need to have time to develop the feelings that will allow me to cherish in return which i cant have after one week of dating a person.

I am a widow, 53 years of age. I just dont want to hurt anyone…. So if i build something, i want it to have a firm foundation. Not built on the illusion that I am some perfect being. The rest are excuses we make up to justify our actions and our feelings. Sorry for the double-post, but I thought this was an excellent opportunity for perspective-taking. I think that you did an excellent job articulating the female perspective here, Rebecca. So I must be vigilant against those who would use me.

So I want to take my time and be sure. Because I want love — and what love means to me is feeling safe and respected. That perspective is totally valid. They might desire me for what I do, but not so much for who I am. Because I want love, and to me love means feeling desired. Her advice for me to be patient is excellent advice….

Not necessarily mine. Ah Jeremy, Now that Evan has disabled the posting of the latest comments on the side bar your nuggets of wisdom will be lost to masses. Anyway if you ever read this here is a question for you since you speak about the subject of men wanting to be desired so much… How does that work with how women are taught and indoctrinated in our Western culture to act towards courting and relationships?

As you know I am a validation person so the advice you give women about showing a man you desire him sounds great. BUT… it goes against almost everything women are taught about how to act toward modern dating and relationships.

And a women not showing a man how much she desires him and getting him to put her comfort level before his is female dating here in the West. So what is a man who wants that desire that you speak of to do? Sure there are the rare cases where the woman openly shows that she is really into a guy and then he is on more even footing as far as them both meeting each other halfway with giving what the other desires.

So what Rebecca described, what the women in the previous post about anxiety who were saying about giving the man what they want to give and he should be happy and not what he wants to receive… This is the reality of modern dating. So what is a guy who wants to be desired to do? Hi Adrian. Because while both men and women want relationships, the primary thing men want from a relationship is the woman herself, whereas the man himself represents only a minority of what the woman wants.

Keep one thing in mind, though. Evan never advised women to not show interest or desire. He advised them to hold off on sex for a while, but to otherwise be very physically affectionate. Not to be emotionally withholding. All sorts of reasons were given as to why — mostly having to do with what constitutes masculine versus feminine energies.

Because they fear rejection. Never mind that ALL these concerns hold the for men as well, that the man initiating the kiss validly has all those same fears. Not so for her. Find an affectionate woman. SHOW affection. Not rocket science. No need for games.

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I have met this guy who thinks I hung the moon. He is considerate, calls me everyday, sees me often, shares his thoughts and feelings with me and wants to make me happy. I like him too and think this could grow into something but I am not moving as fast emotionally as he is.

This is the step that often gets missed or overlooked. The problem was simple: I was choosing the wrong men.

Maybe you're the one feeling more all-in than your partner. Maybe you just need some space from someone who is feeling you a little harder than you're feeling him or her. Both scenarios suck, and ultimately, that uneven dynamic in your relationship is what your problem is. But what if you don't know which one is true? What if you can't tell if the distress on your relationship is because of an unrequited love from your end or your partner's?

Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Right Guy

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What Do I Do If A Guy Is In Love With Me, But I Don’t Feel As Strongly Yet?

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I spent way too long chasing after guys who wouldn't or couldn't give me what I then I wondered what was wrong with me when it didn't get me lasting love!

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