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How to find a girlfriend in maldives

It's my girlfriend's 26th Birthday on 15th July and I'm planning on taking her to the Maldives. I was initially thinking 10 nights in a resort with breakfast included, but I have a few questions:. Is 10 days too many? Would a 7 day break be enough to get the most out of the place?



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We visited a local island Mathiveri last year; the sea was spectacular but the people who worked in the guest house and the other locals were hostile to us and the service was terrible. We gave the local Maldivian islands second chance this year because we believed that last year Mathiveri island was just a bad choice.

Very often we read negative reviews that had been written by women saying that the staff of the guest house who are always men were touching them on a snorkelling trip although she was with her husband or were trying to make them have sex with them in exchange for free nights. We took a local boat to Male, the capital of the Maldives, a bustling Islamic city which is the most densely populated city in the world.

The population of Male is , and the whole city covers an area of 5,8 km2. While strolling in narrow streets of Male, we could see that a lot of various merchants had gone across the gorgeous islands in the past. We were looking at the faces and were guessing where who was originally from. It was interesting to watch the Maldivians. As descendants of merchants from neighbouring countries, their faces revealed the culturally different backgrounds. Islam was later brought by Moroccan traders.

Most of the local women were wearing black abaya dress covering the head, shoulders and a body. Some younger women had jeans, long sleeved tops and colourful scarves on. Unlike our stay on Mathiveri island, since the very first moment when we jumped into the speed boat taking us from Male to Thoddoo island, local people were very friendly and greeted us with big smiles.

The locals on Thoddoo island were lovely and made us feel very welcome. Children waved at us every time we were passing by their houses. We received gifts from people we just met. Some locals wanted to shake our hands even if this is not their custom. They were smiling and holding our hand as if they never wanted to let us go. The life on Thoddoo island is very relaxed and the island itself is quiet. It was nice to wander the streets of the small village and to talk to the locals.

Thaara and Baandyia, traditional Maldivian music and dance, were the main part of Eid. Women performed Baandyia; they were dancing with pots called bandias in Dhivehi, the Maldivian language and were playing on them.

Men were drumming, singing and dancing; Thaara means tambourine in Dhivehi. During the two weeks foregoing the date of the festival, the local people were practising Baandyia and Thaara every evening. We were allowed to watch the preparations and rehearsals of Thaara. It was amazing to be a part of all of this and we really felt very privileged to witness this amazing performance that dates back to the 17th century.

Thaara is still being practised on very few Maldivian islands. If you like this video, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Everything was going well on Thoddoo island and we were enjoying our stay.

We were waiting for the main show Thaara which took place on the last day of Eid. Our plan was to leave the night after Thaara by night cargo boat and go to Male to catch the flight to India. We felt like staying and relaxing for a little longer before travelling to India.

We made a quick decision to stay two more weeks, change the date of our flight to India and extend our visas for the Maldives.

Just a few days after Thaara we knew that we should have left Thoddoo island. Our stay on Thoddoo island turned into a total nightmare. Our opinion on the safety of foreign women on local Maldivian islands changed completely. The following incident was just the beginning of 2 weeks full of awful and dangerous situations.

Almost every day there were boats going very close to the shore and the only reason for the local men in the boats to come so close was to stare at foreign women in bikini.

Several times we saw the men in the boat taking photos of us or other women on the beach, and three times there was a drone flying above the bikini beach too! We never saw the owner of the drone, he was probably hidden somewhere in the bush taking a video of women in bikini. So we spent most of the time by the sea on public beaches. We were told in our guest house Serene Sky Guest House — also called Relax Residence that it was OK for us to be anywhere on the island, but dressed properly — we always had a T-shirt covering our arms and light long trousers on.

Some days, when we wanted to have a swim in bikini, we stayed on the bikini beach. One day when we were swimming in the sea 3 metres from the guest beach with other tourists, suddenly all of us saw a boat coming very fast towards us. We all stayed like frozen in the sea. The boat went very fast among all of us and parked nearby, on a public beach.

We immediately dressed and went to find the man. We asked him whether he could next time avoid the area for guests because he could have easily hit or even killed somebody!

Women and men are the same? He was approaching us and screaming so we left and went back to the guest beach. Later we found out that this man is an owner of Vacation Home Guest House and that everybody in the village knows that he is a rude and aggressive person. One day, when we stayed on a local beach dressed properly — like always in the village and on a local beach , within 15 minutes two local men came, were disturbing us and masturbated in front of us! They came separately and we were so shocked when we saw the first one, that we were not fast enough to take a photo of him, however we could remember him very well.

When he saw we were taking our camera, he ran away. We took photos of this one at least. We quickly picked up our stuff and went to the guest beach which was only about 2 minutes by walk. He said it was disgusting and that we had to report it to the council at once. Later that day, Ahmed Karam told us that he was not going to tell the council and the police but that he would help us to find the men — which was a lie as it turned out during the following days.

We would like to point out that there was no police station on Thoddoo island. We knew exactly how the perverts looked like and knew circumstances too. We even had 3 suspects because we knew many people from Thoddoo island already we had been staying a couple of weeks on the island at that moment.

It would have been so easy and fast to find the men on such a small island! Ahmed Karam was lying to us every day and was saying that he was looking for the suspect but nothing was happening. We told him that we wanted to see the three suspects. He even tried to persuade us that he had found the first pervert. He claimed that one local man had told this story to his friend and this friend had called Ahmed Karam.

He even told us the name of this man and promised us to send a photo of him. He was postponing sending us the photo of the man every day. To our surprise, it was not the man from the beach!

This man was much more older than our suspect and looked completely different. Ahmed Karam made the whole story up so that we would stop searching for the perverts and this disgusting event would simply be swept under the carpet. We knew that there had been cases of child and teenage girls abuse on Thoddoo island in the past but the men had been caught by the police. During the days that followed the incident, we were meeting managers of other guest houses on Thoddoo island and talked to them.

We saw many women wandering on local beaches on Thoddoo. No tourists on the island knew what had happened to us. We told this awful story to other solo female travellers about what had happened and that it was not safe to walk around the island anymore. All of them were very upset that nobody from their guest house had told them about it. We went to the council on Thoddoo island where we reported what had happened. One of the staff of the council was reading messages on his phone while we were telling them the disgusting story and the other one looked quite amused.

The 5th day after the incident on the beach, when we still kept insisting on calling the police, Ahmed Karam said he would inform the council.

We are sure none of this was true. In conclusion to this point, the perverts who masturbate in front of foreign women on beaches of Thoddoo island are still wandering around and nobody has done anything to find them and punish them. We agreed because it was easier for us and we trusted him at the beginning.

He gave our passports to an agent in Male. He had not informed us beforehand he was going to hand over our passports to a third party. We thought he would arrange it himself within 2 days while staying in Male. Neither of them paid or cared about the extension of our visas. Ahmed Karam lied to us every day saying that he had already paid for the extension and that the delay is the fault of the immigration office.

After we called to the immigration office 12 days later when we started worrying about our passports and really wanted to leave Thoddoo island after the incident happened on the beach, we found out the truth. We immediately called Ahmed Karam and made him pay and arrange everything about the visas. Firstly, somebody went through our messages on the phone when we had left the telephone charging in the room and went for a snorkelling trip!

We had only cold water in the bathroom. After 5 days of our stay, when we asked the staff to clean the outdoor space and the kitchen, they came and were shouting at 7 a.

The woman who was supposed to bring us food in the morning, was trying to get in our room one morning at 7 am, but we were locked. She came back at 8 am, knocked very loudly at our door without a reason and run away!!

We though something urgent had happened, so we opened the door, but she was gone. We saw her running away through the window! Some days there was no food for breakfast in the morning, so we had to call them and wait for them to come and bring us something to eat.

When we finally — after 14 days!

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Pick your preferred language. We speak English and 42 other languages. Check travel restrictions before booking and traveling to an accommodation. Travel might only be permitted for certain purposes, and touristic travel in particular may not be allowed.

We visited a local island Mathiveri last year; the sea was spectacular but the people who worked in the guest house and the other locals were hostile to us and the service was terrible. We gave the local Maldivian islands second chance this year because we believed that last year Mathiveri island was just a bad choice.

Last week I headed back to my home from home, Conrad Maldives , this time trading in the beau for babes! Myself, Amy , Loanne and Jordan plus our photographer friend Charlie headed out to the land of the blues for an unforgettable trip! Yes, the islands are romantic, yes they are ideal for special matrimonial occasions but does this count them out for a trip away with friends? Absolutely not.

Maldives Nightlife – Clubs, Bars & Nightlife Tips

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How to visit the Maldives on a budget…

Hello, I'm headed to Maldives next weekend to get away. As a single man, are there things to do over there. Are there single women or couples only? Hi, where are you staying?

In the Maldives, men marry at age

Like this dress? You can get it here. I also know people who visited in January peak season and got similar weather.

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Please refresh the page and retry. Washed up on a desert island, with scant prospect of rapid rescue, I wasted little time in engaging my hunter-gatherer instincts. My half-hour scouring of the tiny speck in the Indian Ocean turned up a mixed bag. But there was a likely looking rock pool — perfect for spearing tuna, or at least cornering a few minnows — and the place was positively crawling with crabs.


Maldives is a tiny country that consists of paradise-looking islands spread all over the Indian Ocean just south of India and Sri Lanka. That is pretty much everything I knew about the Maldives before visiting. Here are some things that I wish I knew before visiting the country along with some interesting statistical facts about the Maldives:. Believe it or not, Maldives is a destination not only for honeymooners but for everyone, really. You will find there an endless list of activities that you can try regardless of age and interests and, most importantly, you will never get bored!

Surprise birthday for girlfriend - 7 days or 10 days? - Maldives Forum

The nightlife in the Maldives is modest. There are no huge nightclubs; however, there some interesting things to do and nice people to meet when hanging out in the local bars or having a cocktail at a resort. The lifestyle in the Maldives has a tranquil pace. If you go out for an evening to the local bars you will find mostly tourists locals are prohibited from drinking alcohol due to Islamic traditions and spend the evening engaging in pleasant conversation. Some of the bars offer entertainment provided by the locals.

The beautiful 5-star Nika Island Resort & Spa, Maldives offers stand-alone beach or water villas surrounded by coral You can't find actual private beaches .

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Free Online Dating in Maldives - Maldives Singles

Консьерж снова покачал головой: - Ресторан закрылся полчаса. Полагаю, Росио и ее гость ушли на вечернюю прогулку. Если вы оставите для нее записку, она получит ее прямо с утра.

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В руке его поблескивал пистолет. Беккер, отступая к стене, вновь обрел способность мыслить четко и ясно. Он почувствовал жжение в боку, дотронулся до больного места и посмотрел на руку.

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