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Best meet our team pages

Micah Lally March 4, Website Design 9 min read. When a visitor comes to your site and clicks on your Meet the Team page, what do they see? A team photo? If your answer is nothing, then you should definitely keep reading.

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Meet the Team Pages: Examples and Trends

Ramona Sukhraj. August 1st, min read. Your team page is where people go to get a peek behind the curtain; to see who is making the magic happen in your organization, what makes them qualified, and most importantly, what makes them different.

Whether yours exists for recruiting new hires or simply introducing the world to your employees, your team page requires a strategy unlike any other on your website.

What do the best team pages have in common? Here are just a few of the characteristics I've come across:. Still can't visualize it? Etsy's brand is all about being home or handmade by people passionate about their craft. KhanAcademy's goal is to bring education and knowledge to the masses; making it more attainable and less intimidating. That is a feeling communicated well on its team page.

Showcasing every member of its team, KhanAcademy not only tells you who everyone is and what they do, it also gives you a glimpse of who they are outside of the office and how it gets in touch with them as well.

While Big Spaceship's team page has since been eliminated, its old design shown above set a great example. With a hero image of the team competing in the Tough Mudder 5K, Big Spaceship's team page showed the team not only worked hard, but it played hard.

In this combination about and team page, Humaan lives up to its name, humanizing its brand and team through large, quirky, Wes Anderson-style photos, gifs, and fun facts. Kayak's team page stands out because it cleverly pays homage to the company's search engine's unique interface. With a simple design, the copy is what really shined on Wanelo's old team page. It began with a unique, playful headline, helping you visualize its workspace and inviting you into it.

While some team members are carrying vector shopping bags, others are wielding credit cards or nerf dart blasters. They are unexpected and speak volumes about team's personality without making a peep.

While minimal in its design, The Status Bureau's team page does a great job of telling people how to get in contact with its staff. Want to Contribute Content to impactbnd. Click Here. Website Design. By Christine Austin on January 29th, Social Media Marketing.

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20 Examples Of Beautifully Made Team Pages

It is not the latest buzz but yes, many organizations have come forward to showcasing it as their creative catalogue on websites. While there could be generous reasons for putting up the whole team so creatively assembled, the very first reason seems to be to draw users to your website. But, the second is to hang them on for a good purpose, I suppose.

When I started to work at LiveChat, teamwork became a part of my life for good. Although my writing job forces me to work alone most of the time and I always look for a quiet place in the office, I can still appreciate good teamwork. I believe people can only achieve big things by having a great team to work with.

Ramona Sukhraj. August 1st, min read. Your team page is where people go to get a peek behind the curtain; to see who is making the magic happen in your organization, what makes them qualified, and most importantly, what makes them different. Whether yours exists for recruiting new hires or simply introducing the world to your employees, your team page requires a strategy unlike any other on your website.

Awesome meet the team pages that you absolutely need to see

Agencies using creative and innovative galleries, cursors, navigation and more to introduce themselves and their teams whilst increasing user interaction with their site. Activate black option. Share it! Curated by. Thierry Chopain Portfolio. Team - Junction. Team page - Playful Agency.

50 Webpage Layouts for Showcasing Company Teams and Employees

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When it comes to bragging about your team, you want to make the best impression possible so that people feel comfortable doing business with you. Amazee Labs has a superb team page that truly highlights not only their team members but their design capabilities.

Cameron Chapman is a professional Web and graphic designer with over 6 years of experience. Every second Tuesday, we send a newsletter with useful techniques on front-end and UX. These pages are a valuable addition to any site where human contact is an important part of the industry.

The Most Creative Meet the Team Pages

We decided it was time to redo our website this week. So I spent the week coming up with some new ideas. Click To Tweet. Go onto the website and have a go!

Like you would hesitate to go out with someone without any background knowledge on him or her, potential customers who visit your website will not proceed to purchase anything you have to offer, if you fail to introduce yourself to them properly. Here they search to get an idea as to what kind of a company they are going to deal with; whether the company is reliable, how long it has been in the industry, their team, the technology they use etc. A lasting and healthy relationship between you and your client is based on the ability of the latter to connect smoothly with the former and vice versa. As a businessman you might have your side of the deal taken care of, but it is also your responsibility to make sure that your clients take care of their side of the deal as well. The easiest way to encourage your clients to develop a relationship with you is to get personal. Allowing your customers to take a glimpse behind the world of your company how your team is connected, their roles and contribution to the company or the development of the product, their personal information, their hobbies etc.

Enhancing The Usability Of ‘Meet The Team’ Pages

Blog Web Design. Visitors usually look for this page to get an idea about your agency. We see a lot of portraits and names, but the catchy pages are the unique ones that introduce their team proudly. Since the digital age encourages transparency, it is better to give more information about your business. Because trust is a key component of a business relationship, finding out more about the people behind the company can build trust.

Your "Meet the Team" page is dead important; it allows you to show off your The “top trumps-esque” layouts + hilarious superhero pictures are fun and.

This tab is a small place where we dedicate a recognition to the individuals who make it possible for our site or company to prosper, and although it does not seem so important, the truth is that it helps a lot to create a positive image of your work. But beyond presenting the faces of workers, this tab teaches us much more about the company itself. Whether we only put pictures of the faces, or a large panorama of the entire group, team pages are there to show the quality and commitment we have with others. Not only do these pages give our clients and visitors a way of knowing who is responsible for completing their orders or bringing them daily news, but it also allows those who work with us will feel flattered that their efforts are being recognized, which will motivate them to continue working, and may even attract new employees.

Coburg Banks

Enable helps small businesses grow by helping them with marketing strategies and websites. Mostly because we were so focused on helping our clients, we kept de-prioritizing ourselves. But you and your team are key to your brand. They engage with the awesome people who give the brands meaning, personality and life.

Top 19 Inspiring “Meet The Team Page” Examples by Digital Agencies

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