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How to get a higher voice girl

Numerous self-help websites offer tips on how to read body language to tell if the object of our affection is interested in us. If their arms are folded, not so much. The biological gender differences in the human voice are very clear. Female voices have higher pitch and male voices have lower pitch. These differences are thought to be because of evolutionary pressures such as mating choices.

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How Transgender Women Are Training Their Voices to Sound More Feminine

After mobile apps became commonplace, people switched to using electronic tuners, she says, but these only provide an absolute indicator of pitch with no voice-specific feedback. For transgender women, seeking therapy to modulate to a higher, more feminine voice is about more than identity. Now, researchers are developing voice-training apps specifically for the transgender population in hopes of making these lessons more accessible.

Speech-language pathologist Kathe Perez launched the first such voice-training app in Perez was running her private practice in when she received a call from a transgender woman who wanted help training her voice to sound more feminine.

She started receiving so many similar requests that she put together an audio program that sold in 55 countries. In two years, some 10, users—a respectable but not staggering number—have downloaded the app. Though she created versions for both transgender men and women, far more of her customers are women, Perez says, because feminizing a voice tends to be more difficult than training it to sound more masculine.

When cisgender males hit puberty, the extra testosterone thickens the vocal chords to produce a lower pitch. For transgender men, taking testosterone creates much of the same effect, so they require fewer lessons to get to their targets. These cultural expectations around women and gender have featured prominently in debates over transgender issues.

Femme coaches who work with transgender clients readily admit that their expertise involves conforming to gender stereotypes. Tools like EVA have specific voice targets with which women can practice. She then receives a score based on her accuracy. Perez built the app to be pitched around hertz, with some wiggle room on each end. The app averages the results from three different tries, with any score above 80 percent as passing.

EVA provides guidelines, Perez says, but it simply cannot give everyone identical voices even if everyone breathes the same and hits the target range. The app currently provides lessons in fundamentals, such as breathing style, and pitch, all based on existing language research. The next set of courses, which Perez is still developing, will be about resonance, or the vocal quality that makes a voice sound brighter or darker.

This is one of the more difficult aspects for clients to master, says Perez. Christie Block, a speech-language pathologist who runs the New York Speech and Voice Lab and has coached transgender clients, says the primary tools in her own sessions are unavailable in app form. Block praised EVA for making voice training accessible to far more people, but notes that much of voice training involves teaching speech patterns, which an app cannot cover.

Ahmed is currently awaiting institutional approval from Northeastern to conduct interviews with trans women to develop her own app as part of her doctoral research. For instance, there could be customizable voices built in that demonstrate how changing any one factor, such as pitch or inflection, while keeping the other ones constant would affect the sound. Though she has friends who have had great results with EVA and online training videos, she decided to pay for live feedback during private lessons.

She now reports that when talking on the phone strangers identify her as female and use female pronouns percent of the time. Lauren, the D. Continue or Give a Gift.

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The most noticeable change can be heard in their accents. Language is not static but dynamic, constantly evolving to suit the fashions of the time and this results in a shift in pronunciation. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher employed a voice coach to help lower her voice in an attempt to give herself more authority Credit: Getty Images.

After mobile apps became commonplace, people switched to using electronic tuners, she says, but these only provide an absolute indicator of pitch with no voice-specific feedback. For transgender women, seeking therapy to modulate to a higher, more feminine voice is about more than identity. Now, researchers are developing voice-training apps specifically for the transgender population in hopes of making these lessons more accessible.

During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: April 27, References.

There are many ways to sound more feminine and you are likely familiar with one or more of them. People perceive speech as more feminine based on their personal experiences, social expectations, and social norms. Below is a brief explanation of various basic features of feminine-perceived communication based on research and norms in American English. They apply to some people some of the time based on how the average ear interprets them. They are not inherently female, and do not all apply to all women in all American contexts, or necessarily to your particular needs or in all situations you find yourself in. When they do apply to you, they may be shaped in various ways to optimize the feminine-perceived aspects of your own speaking style in context. While pitch is not the only feature used to achieve more feminine voice, it is indeed the most critical part. Without a higher pitch, it is very difficult to sound feminine. Studies show that the average cisgender masculine speaking pitch is about an octave lower than cisgender feminine speaking pitch see the chart below.

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Jun 17, - Gentlemen: Beware of a woman's voice pitch. it was found that men prefer women who possess higher-pitched voices (albeit of course there.

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