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So what? The girls here like me, I treat them better than their own men and we have fun. A lot of guys who visit Krakow are at the same thing. People need to get over themselves.

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It is no mistake that in the last five years Krakow has gone from virtually unknown to one of the most visited cities in Europe. Krakow is unquestionably beautiful, fascinating and has an incredibly dynamic and varied nightlife.

For many visitors, the city does indeed live up to its fairy tale image. Like most fairy tales however, Krakow has a dark side.

Long ago the city outlawed strip clubs and brothels in the Old Town so, for most visitors, Krakow is a family show. If you look below the surface however, Krakow functions just like any other city and is susceptible to the same dangers, scandals and most certainly, corruption. Recently, a few serious problems have arisen that call into question how safe the city actually is.

How these problems are dealt with may very well help to define the city and its all-important image for years to come. Reports of foreigners being fleeced of extortionate sums of money at clubs within the Old Town have raised concerns that Krakow may meet the same fate of Riga or Prague.

The Krakow Post has received numerous reports of one particular scam that follows an unswerving pattern: On a weekend night, typically in the early hours, two beautiful women approach a foreigner or a small group of foreigners.

They suggest a specific club where they would like to go, and ask the men to accompany them. The men, usually having had enough alcohol already to affect their judgement, agree and are led to an upscale nightclub. Inside, there are no menus or prices in view. The men order drinks for themselves and their new lady friends, and after some time the bill arrives and the trouble begins. Upon request, the waitress then brings a menu that lists the prices of the drinks.

If the tourist attempts to resist or negotiate, bouncers appear to ensure that the payment is made in full. Several complaints sent directly to the Krakow Post specifically named the Saxon Club on ul. In one, a man named Vincent G. Some may concede the police have a point, yet one might also also find it troubling if this is the official position on this kind of behaviour. By the time police do act, some fear it could be too late.

The scam originally surfaced in local daily Gazeta Krakowska. On 16 November, the paper published an in-depth investigative article about the Saxon Club, in which they tried to get to the bottom of how the scheme works, discovering a few vital details.

Furthermore, the owner of Saxon also appears to own a club in Riga also called Saxon. On 20 November the American Embassy in Latvia officially blacklisted Saxon in Riga, along with seven other nightclubs running similar scams, and recommended that American citizens should avoid these clubs at all costs.

First of all, use common sense if approached by strangers. Also, be aware that this kind of activity is not limited to one club. Marka have been linked to the scheme. If more tourists are aware of such dangers, these kinds of businesses stand a smaller chance of getting off the ground in the first place.

This is still going on and little has been done. A group of 3 of us tourists from France and the US are on a world tour visiting about 50 cities in the last year.

Krakow has been the only city where we were scammed in this way. We were 2 guys and a girl. We met 2 Polish women on the square who claimed that this was a really fun bar with cheap drinks so we followed them. We had met a lot of friendly people in our travels and assumed we should follow their advice. We learned our lesson about trusting people.

We actually felt threatened because the bouncer who looked like a Russian thug threatened us with violence. He forced a friend of mine to go to an ATM. There was little discussion. My friend ran to the police who did very little. They did come in to make sure there was no violence, but they made us pay the bill of about euro. We only ordered 3 drinks ourselves, but the girls who invited us ordered really expensive drinks. We asked the police if we could make a complaint and he merely said no.

When we left we saw the police talking to the bouncer and they were all laughing. Christophe — I had this trick tried on me the other night. Two Polish girls took me to a bar and they tried to charge me Zloty. If the door had been locked there would have been trouble despite me being 2nd Kyu Karate student. There was a gripper behind the bar but I made my escape quickly thankfully. More people need to be aware of this kind of thing.

Hey Guys! I live in this town all my life and I am really surprised! What I can say. Why the Hell you allow to be pick-uped by not known girls? This is the reason of troubles. Normal Polish girls are to shy and good behaviored to do such things so you can be sure that such girls that you met surely were not worth of your attention!!!! Next time be clever! Good luck! Me and my friends had the same experience in Budapest 2 years ago, but we just waved them and proceeded our way.

I know here in Croatia in Dalmatia region there are also some clubs which have business in this way, but who is smart will look for the price list before he makes an order. Theese clubs are really bad to this beautiful town, where you can get so much in one place. I saw more than 20 boys and girls trying to lure tourists in just a short walk arround the big market square. I am very shock that such bad bad behavior is still consider normal by the local police department.

If anyone from an foreigner country finds this disturbing then by all means they should report this and other such matters to the local police department and they should know what in the HELL they ought to do.

The truth is that not everything is a gold. You can find fake gold everywhere but the real treasure you must hardly looking for. So there are many pretty girls in Krakow but you are talking only with easy once that go to you first and start to talk. Try to do some work yourself and you will meet a nice woman Have you even been to Krakow?

Have you been to Barcelona? Yes the titty bars are gonna be extortionate but what do you expect? Or maybe your brains are in yer balls. Funny you should say that. I was approached by two girls on the 2nd of January in the main square. Lucky for me I had read about this scam so I brushed them off. They claimed to come from Warsaw and asked me if I knew of any good bars!? Krakow is famous for its large number of drinking venues so I was immediately wary.

Why ask me? Many thanks to all who posted up warnings about this scam. Steve PS: See you next week! If the police wont listen! Sounds like Soho in London were this used to happen quite often till the police were told to clean it up.. Sorry about your luck, Christophe and others..

Really a horrible situation. Always be weary of overly friendly people when traveling! Honestly though, Krakow is one of many cities that employ this tactic. I always wondered why people let their guards down and follow strangers—especially at night! I have been myself many times.

But of course be careful. Even the lapdancing clubs i have visited myself, were great. They give you a menu and you get all the prices beforehand. No rip-off. I was once billed euro for a bottle of wine in Greece.

Never run so fast in all my life! This is the oldest scam in the book, any hot chicks approaching you on the street and steering you into a bar they know is a red flag right there. It happened to me three years ago in Krakow at the Hard Candy club. I called the police, they did come, but after 30minutts, and did not help me. I was charged Zlotty for 3 drinks. They even told me, and the two Girls that the first drink was for free. I just came home from Krakow today, and we went to several strip clubs….

They all asked us to buy stuff for the girls, but I just said no, bought something for myself with cash up-front, and sat down.

Meet Women From Krakow

It is no mistake that in the last five years Krakow has gone from virtually unknown to one of the most visited cities in Europe. Krakow is unquestionably beautiful, fascinating and has an incredibly dynamic and varied nightlife. For many visitors, the city does indeed live up to its fairy tale image. Like most fairy tales however, Krakow has a dark side. Long ago the city outlawed strip clubs and brothels in the Old Town so, for most visitors, Krakow is a family show.

A nice time is not only the moments you spend exploring or tasting the local cuisine. It is also the nightlife that can be as attractive as daytime activities!

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Krakow with a dating guide then you are in luck. OK, maybe not luck, you just know how to use Google effectively. Table of Contents. Either way, we are about to inform you about all of the best places to pick up single women in town and also some great spots for a date night.

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Having lived in Poland for 15 years now its quite evident that a lot of marriages between Poles and expats seem to nearly always be between a Polish woman and a foreign man, not the other way around. Why is that? We outlined some tongue-in-cheek reasons below and goes without saying that you should take them with a pinch of salt. They are all fun stereotypes but what are the real reasons intermarriage seems to work mostly in one direction. Any comments are appreciated…. Expats who come to Poland are usually highly-qualified and thought of as financially well off. Maybe Polish men have a stereotype around the world of not being educated to a high level and rather have physical labor jobs when they move outside Poland? They are afraid of being rebuffed 3.

Imbiber Beware: Scam Hits Krakow Bars

Bring warm clothes for the fall and winter months, and bring some more comfortable wear for the spring and summer. Many modern apartments as found on AirBnB will have air conditioning and be equipped with proper heating for the cold winter months. A solid blazer for the right season will be a great starting point for Krakow, whether during the day or in the evening. The general population of Poland has an overall decent command of the English language.

Dating Abroad. Simply put, Poland lies in Central Europe.

Okay, anyone care to post on the best locations for meeting some pretty Polish girls, while enjoying a night out in Krakow? This is surely the thread all young males will be interested in, so hopefully there will by the end of it, a few choices of places standing out! Top house sounds, and a chemical crowd of waifish supermodels make it an essential finish point to a night out. A stringent door selection keeps this place exclusively populated with blokes in spangly shirts and girls wearing little black dresses.

Best Places To Meet Girls In Krakow & Dating Guide

Yemen State City show photo personals only. Quick Statistics Are you curious about how many Krakow single women visit our website? How about the gender distribution? Once you've familiarised yourself with Krakow personals statisctics, you can use this data for your benefit.

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Get your head around tongue twisters and jokes. It's also available in Polish with audio. Get started with 20 audio phrases and learn how to say a range of useful phrases from 'Hello' to 'Pleased to meet you'. Listen to the Polish alphabet. Find out why it has nasal sounds and how many sibilants hissing sounds it contains lots.

Polish Girls in Krakow, Poland [City Guide]

Florianska Street, one of the busiest streets in Krakow, always bustling with people.. Most single women who live here are students who are only here during school term time. Plus, during the Summer the city is full of girls who have travelled here from all over the world. Meeting women in the daytime can be far more enjoyable. I can remember one Saturday afternoon last Summer when I caught a cute Italian girl smiling me at me as I was walking across the main square in Krakow. These things do happen! The most important thing to remember is that Polish girls are generally very cool and friendly. Before you start: Cruising around the city looking specifically for women to approach can feel a little bit creepy.

Jump to Shakers - modern design and Fridays for ladies - Shakers - modern design and Fridays for ladies. Szewska 5. If you don't like Frantic, you can just.

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‘Any Idiot Can Find a Brothel in Krakow’

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Why is it always Polish women and foreign men, not the other way around?

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